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Darren McLaughlin Jun 29 Cloud Email Security / Email Archiving

Email archiving has become an integral part of doing business online in recent years due to the increasing popularity of email. Email has come a long way since it was invented in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. Tomlinson likely could never have imagined the impact his invention would have, even going so far as to cause the decline of postal services around the world! It's true that email has eroded market share from hand-delivered 'snail mail' and is now the most important communication tool for organizations.  

Since email is so important, more organizations than ever are archiving their emails as a routine procedure. Numerous compliance regulations are helping spread the cause of adoption of archiving and there's no end to that trend in sight. Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure (FRCP) contain technical requirements pertaining to archived email that ensure email can be used in court just like 'snail mail' alternatives have been. Companies that don't archive their emails stand a good chance of losing court cases to opponents who can produce archived records in the correct format.

Email archiving is a great way to ensure compliance for organizations that operate in regulated industries. Archived email can be stored indefinitely and retrieved for use easily. Companies who are interested in compliance and security are using cloud-based email archiving as a means to ensure they are in good standing. Cloud-based email archiving reduces the complexity of setup and offers a chance for lower total cost of ownership.

If your email is ever required in court, you will be able to easily retrieve it in the proper format. This reduces the headaches associated with not being prepared. You can't suddenly institute an email archiving solution after you need it. You have to be set-up beforehand so your email archive is readily available.

Email archiving solutions are not expensive. In fact, you can find a number of affordable email archiving solutions, depending on your requirements. The key to this solution is that it is automated. Your archiving requirements will be met automatically, without any need for manual intervention. This is a set it and forget it solution that allows you to sleep at night, knowing your email security is working.

At MostHost, we offer MXSweep email archiving because of its numerous advantages. Let's take a look at the benefits.

MXSweep Helps You Meet Compliance Requirements

  • Create Your Email Archive. This solution helps you archive all inbound, outbound, and internal e-mails automatically.

  • You set your policies. Our automated policy application removes responsibility from end-users, meaning common human mistakes are eliminated.

  • Includes full logging and reporting. Every activity is kept in the archive, ensure compliance. Details audit reports show you who did what and when.

Decrease Your Storage Requirements And Improve Performance

  • This solution offers and archiving and stubbing function which will decrease your storage requirements by 60-80% on email and file servers.

  • You can easily improve server performance while using an optimal storage structure that makes for easy backup and restoration.

  • Runs on a single instance since all servers are clustered for best performance

  • Helps you easily store content such as attachments and files at the same time capturing, indexing, and archiving all compliance-related metadata.

  • Functional search allows end-users to quickly search through emails or files in all fields. This includes searching attachments from both the web portal or from the client such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, or GroupWise

  • The need for maintaining a local archive (PST/NSF/GroupWise) files is eliminated

  • Experience the freedom of no more email quotas and unlimited mailbox space

  • Increase IT administrators and employees productivity, which is always a good thing

  • Helps clients easily achieve compliance while maintaining litigation readiness

  • Compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris

  • The slick archiving process is completely transparent to end-users. No additional software or database purchases are required

  • SaaS ensures there is no on-site instillation or maintenance needed

Effective Electronic Discovery Aids Litigation Support

  • Legal hold, Tagging, Notation, Email Analysis, etc are all included

  • The high-speed forensic search allows for immediate access to all archived data in a split second

  • Full text keyword and key phrase searching are also included

  • Helps organizations avoid costly outsourced forensic fees

  • Also includes easy, fast, and secure access to archived messages directly from Outlook and Lotus Notes clients, OWA & DWA, web browser, offline archiving, and BlackBerry mobile devices. Implements a folder-based retention policy for maximum effect

Request A Quote for Email Archiving.

Darren McLaughlin Mar 14 Cloud Email Security / Cloud Email Encryption

Is Email HIPAA Compliant?

This question is asked frequently, and the answer is an emphatic “no.” Email in its default state is not HIPAA compliant. However, solving this compliance issue is a challenge that can be solved quickly if you select the correct technology. 

Encryption technology is increasingly popular in the healthcare industry, which is know for notoriously complex regulations. The reason the healthcare industry has so much complexity is because there is a diverse set of rules that governs various aspects of how data is stored, as well as the exchange of information. Of course this is a great thing for consumers of healthcare services. They require privacy, because health issues tend to be extremely sensitive. That's why a policy-based system that handles 'real world' complications for your data can end up being such a huge boon for your organization. There are all kinds of different documents that comprise healthcare information, including huge files that containing test scans and lab results.

Data Challenges Remain A Big Concern In The Healthcare Sector

One thing we've learned from experience is that probably the biggest issue faced by healthcare organizations takes place when that organization needs to transfer sensitive information to other entities. This data exchange can become complex and could end up involving police, social services, local authorities, employers, and even child protection officers. These informations transfers MUST be carried out securely. The obvious choice is to encrypt files but how simple is it? Using a hosted encryption solution turns this once-complicated work into child's play.

Choose A Comprehensive Hosted Encryption Solution That's Perfect For Healthcare

MostHost HIPAA Compliant Email is powered by MXSweep, which utilizes encryption technology from Egress Switch. Our solution reduces the challenges and complexities related to managing regulatory compliance issues. Our MostHost MXSweep Encryption solution is a policy-based and fully managed encryption solution that will provide any healthcare or healthcare-related organization with a simple way to enforce data encryption across files and even across entire email platforms. This solution can be implemented without interrupting the day-to-day activities of healthcare staff- vital to medical institutions that don’t switch off at 5.30pm and operate around the clock.

This solution is so powerful because it allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Automatically encrypt all information they transfer by email, CD or DVD, USB key and even files uploaded to the web.
  • Encrypt all forms of Patient Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Fully comply with HIPAA & the Data Protection Act

You won't believe how easy it is to implement our cloud-based encryption solution.  Please contact us for a quote and demonstration. 

Darren McLaughlin Feb 24 Tips & Tricks

If you're designing a website using Web Presence Builder, you might need to install external CSS in order to include style elements.  Luckily for you, that task is easy to accomplish.  Follow these steps and you'll have no problem.  

1) Launch Web Presence Builder.

2) Click on Settings.

3) Click on Advanced.

4) Click on MetaData.

In the meta data field you'll place the code you need to import your external stylesheet.  

<style type="text/css">

@import url("https://www.mosthost.net/css/buttons.css");
@import url("https://www.mosthost.net/css/new.css");

Of course you'll need to put the correct location to your CSS.  The file can reside anywhere, so you have a lot of flexibility.  Click save and publish and you're good to go.

Darren McLaughlin December 15, 2011 Cloud Email Security / Email Security

The month of December 2011 has been rife with Email phishing attempts that are geared towards tricking Email recipients into clicking on bad links or attachments that contain viruses. 

In the last few weeks alone several legitimate businesses and organizations, including UPS, the BBB, the FDIC, Paypal, the CIA, and Delta Airlines fell prey to unethical Email marketers that used their names to send malicious mails designed to cause computer damage or to install malware on users computers.

The holiday season is a prime time for these Emails to be circulated because many people shop online so they're expecting packages and other deliveries. The sender takes advantage of a distracted person by fooling them with an Email that claims to "require their immediate action." If the recipient acts quickly to resolve whatever issue is claimed in the mail and clicks on a link or attachment, he could find himself with a computer full of viruses.

If your business or organization has received an onslaught of these types of mails, you'd be well served to implement Email Security to prevent these types of messages from being delivered to your local computer network, lowering your risk for computer infection and strengthening your computer network security procedures within your company. 

Luckily a cloud based SaaS solution makes guarding against these threats affordable without the need for costly appliances or hardware. Email security does the hard work of removing these threats before they see the light of day on your network, assuring that you won't fall victim to an Email scam because an employee clicked on something they shouldn't have.

Darren McLaughlin December 15, 2011 Web Presence Builder / Parallels Web Presence Builder

This video will show you the basics about creating an insurance agency website using Web Presence Builder. I've stressed how easy it is to do in past articles and videos and will do so again in this one. When you have to build a really functional insurance agency website, you'll appreciate having a tool to help you. Web Presence Builder is part of Parallels Plesk and is the only control panel we use on all of our cloud hosting solutions. This panel allows us to offer managed service to all clients.


Cloud hosting coupled with an amazing web presence builder offers a number of advantages over traditional hosting. This video will show you some of the ways in which this solution really excels. If you have to build lots of websites for clients, please contact us for a custom quote. Plesk is the perfect platform for you to use, and we'd be happy to discuss creating a solution that's perfect for you. 

Using Plesk for management reduces the complexity of server management by providing a simple to use graphical interface for clients that can be accessed using any web browser. Using Web Presence Builder, you can create and maintain multiple websites for insurance agency. Using Plesk, you can manage the hosting resources and subscription plans for them. Find out how a complete solution, including billing could benefit your web design business.

Learn more about our Web Presence Builder hosting plans.