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Installing An RPM Package On A Virtuozzo Container

Darren McLaughlin
posted this on June 06, 2011 17:14

Let's say you have multiple Virtuozzo Containers running, and you need to quickly add missing RPM packages to them. There's a simple way to do this simple task from the main command line, as long as you know the container ID.

That's easy enough to find out by typing vzlist on your command line. You'll see a list of containers, and their associated Container Ids. Note the ID of the container where you want to install the package while viewing the list. Next, enter the following command from your command prompt:

vzpkg install 1 -p yum

Virtuozzo Containers from Parallels have a number of advantages over their alternatives, including from an administrative standpoint. One such advantage being simple command-line package installations like this one from the main hardware container. This operation can save time, especially when dealing with command and repetitive tasks.