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HIPAA Compliant Email Solutions

Darren McLaughlin
posted this on October 19, 2011 14:05

HIPAA compliance requirements are catching up with organizations who have attempted to ignore the issues. HIPAA audits and enforcement are accelerating, helping push even more organizations to comply.

If your organization has not yet implemented a HIPAA compliant email solution, the time is here. Luckily for you, implement a turnkey HIPAA email compliance solution is simple. You won't have to lose sleep learning complex technology. At MostHost, we offer a turnkey HIPAA compliance solution for email that will make your life easy.

Our policy-based cloud email solution allows system administrators to easily adjust their security and privacy settings to match their organization's requirements. You're in charge, where you belong. Our friendly staff is always available to help, but our easy to use control panel is so intuitive, almost anyone can set robust rules that vastly improve their email security.

Never before has the need for compliant email been so acute. You cannot afford to ignore it, especially if you are a healthcare provider, or work with companies that are. It is up to you ensure you have achieved compliance for electronic email. Email privacy and data security are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Our solution utilizes MXSweep technology for maximum compliance. First, we scan and quarantine any bad email. This happens in the cloud, before any spam or phishing attempts make it to your server. Any email you send or receive can be automatically encrypted. Then, as a last safe measure, your email can be archived indefinitely to prove compliance. If you ever have to produce email records, you'll be able to.

HIPAA compliance is only a phone call or email away.