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Why Your Business Should Use Cloud Email Encryption

Darren McLaughlin
posted this on Sep-16 2011 13:02

Cloud email encryption is a growing field because it satisfies a strong need for companies to encrypt their email on the cloud.  Storing email on the cloud reduces the risk associated with maintaining a local copy of electronic messages.  However, storing email on a remote system also introduces a few issues, which can be solved by using encryption.

As you may already know, email is an insecure messaging system for the simple reason that messages are sent using plaint text in the majority of cases. This leaves it open to being viewed by prying eyes while in transit.  Worse, it doesn't even take anything dramatic to decipher what's in the email!  Since it's in plain text, it can be easily be read by anyone.

Even worse than this seemingly deplorable situation, take into account that email is also stored on remote servers in the same manner in which it is sent. If you send your email in plain text, it will be stored using plain text.  Email is often stored on multiple servers on its way to its final destination.  Each of these servers, or all of them, have a plain-text message on them.  This vastly increases the chance that someone unauthorized reads your email.

The answer is email encryption

Securing email on the cloud is a great way to ensure your email is safe and compliant with many federal and state laws.  There are numerous advantages to using email encryption in the cloud, most notably because it's the quickest way to gain compliance for numerous regulations.   Email encryption is often the missing link in the chain to gaining compliance.  Encrypting electronic mail is a simple and effective way to reduce the number of incidents that regulations were designed to stop.  

Email encryption on the cloud made easy

Fines are growing in healthcare and the financial services industries for those who do not use a compliant email program.  Generally, such a plan involves using email encryption in addition to email scanning, business continuity and disaster recovery, and multi-year cloud email archiving.  Compliance requires storing correctly-formatted emails in a manner in which they can be easily retrieved.  Eliminating tampering from employees can be accomplished by placing records on the cloud and by using strict access controls for users in order to ensure only authorized personnel have the ability to modify or see information.  

You don't have to be an expert to encrypt your email.  In fact, it's incredibly easy.  We'd be happy to show you a demo of our easy to use program so you can see just how easy it really is.  For normal email operations, you don't notice a difference at all.  The only real difference is that your email is now sent encrypted!  This will ensure privacy and security for any information contained within your email system.   

If you haven't yet implemented email encryption, it's never been easier than it is now.  We'd be happy to quote you on cloud email encryption.