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BBB Phishing Scam Targets Merchants And Sellers

Sellers and merchants, beware!

Copy Of Filtered BBB Phishing Email Scam

Copy Of Filtered BBB Phishing Email Scam

For you have become one of the latest targets in a BBB (Better Business Bureau) phishing scam now circulating on the internet.

The Email opens “Attn:Owner/Manager” and uses pigeon English to alert the said Owner/Manager that a there’s been a business complaint made against them and instructs them to click on an attachment to view the details of the complaint.

If instructing the phishing Email recipient to click on attachment filled with viruses and malware isn’t enough, recipients are then told to click on another link to reply to the mail “to inform us about your standpoint.” It’s signed  ”Anita Emil” - Better Business Bureau - Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Please see the picture of this scam Email  that was caught using Email security software provided by MostHost, if you’d like to see the entire text of the message. This Email was automatically stripped of malicious attachments and bad links and quarantined from being delivered to system users. Since a report of all rejected Emails is sent to IT managers, they can then review mail without putting their business computer network at risk.

Since the holidays are such a busy time of the year, these fraudsters are trying to capitalize on sellers and merchants by trying to trick them with scare tactics like having to respond to a Better Business Bureau complaint. Don’t fall for it and if you get this Email delivered to your inbox, be sure to delete it immediately to avoid problems like a Trojan or malware being installed on your computer.

Since this Phishing Email seems to be widespread, please take a moment to share this post with friends, family and colleagues so they can avoid falling for this scam. Thanks! 

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