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What Are The Advantages Of Email Encryption?

Darren McLaughlin
posted this on Aug-01 2011 13:31

The popularity of email encryption is on the rise, and with good reason. Email encryption is a method that helps reduce the inherently insecure nature of electronic mail. Email has always been considered very insecure because it's sent in plain text. In the beginning days of the internet, security was not a huge concern like it is now and programmers made sure email protocols like SMTP were accessible to all and easy to implement. Tight security was not their primary focus, interoperability was.

Over the years, many people have learned the hard way about insecure email transmissions. Not only is it a big problem that email is sent in plain-text, but that gives rise to an even bigger problem. Most modern mail servers will store email in the same format they received it in. That means if it came in plain-text it will be saved in plain-text format. This means sensitive information that is sent through email can be stored anywhere in the world on a mail server in plain-text format that can be retrieved and read by anyone! This is a major security and compliance risk that can be eliminated by employing the proper secure communication services suite.

Best practices for email security suggest the use of cloud-based email scanning and archiving with a proper dose of email encryption. Emails are scanned on the cloud for viruses, spam, and malicious fishing attempts. Once the email is deemed safe, it is stored for posterity. Since the solution employs email encryption, it is stored and transmitted in encrypted format, which can significantly reduce the threat of who can see the contents.

Email encryption is a great idea who's time has arrived.

 Advantages of email encryption

  • Email encryption reduces the threat that in-transit email will be read.
  • Encryption ensures that stored email will not be available in plain-text format.
  • Encrypting email helps organizations meet key compliance requirements that have been implemented to prevent data loss.
  • Encryption reduces the stress associated with insecure email, making the job of the information security officer that much easier. 

Implementing cloud-based email scanning, encryption, and archiving is now easier and more cost-effective than ever before. You owe it to your organization to explore the advantages of a complete secure communication services suite. At MostHost, we utilize cutting edge technology from Partner MXSweep to offer a messaging solution that is second to none.