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Hosted Encryption Solutions For HIPAA Compliance

Darren McLaughlin
posted this on Mar 14 16:18

Is Email HIPAA Compliant?

This question is asked frequently, and the answer is an emphatic “no.” Email in its default state is not HIPAA compliant. However, solving this compliance issue is a challenge that can be solved quickly if you select the correct technology. 

Encryption technology is increasingly popular in the healthcare industry, which is know for notoriously complex regulations. The reason the healthcare industry has so much complexity is because there is a diverse set of rules that governs various aspects of how data is stored, as well as the exchange of information. Of course this is a great thing for consumers of healthcare services. They require privacy, because health issues tend to be extremely sensitive. That's why a policy-based system that handles 'real world' complications for your data can end up being such a huge boon for your organization. There are all kinds of different documents that comprise healthcare information, including huge files that containing test scans and lab results.

Data Challenges Remain A Big Concern In The Healthcare Sector

One thing we've learned from experience is that probably the biggest issue faced by healthcare organizations takes place when that organization needs to transfer sensitive information to other entities. This data exchange can become complex and could end up involving police, social services, local authorities, employers, and even child protection officers. These informations transfers MUST be carried out securely. The obvious choice is to encrypt files but how simple is it? Using a hosted encryption solution turns this once-complicated work into child's play.

Choose A Comprehensive Hosted Encryption Solution That's Perfect For Healthcare

MostHost HIPAA Compliant Email is powered by MXSweep, which utilizes encryption technology from Egress Switch. Our solution reduces the challenges and complexities related to managing regulatory compliance issues. Our MostHost MXSweep Encryption solution is a policy-based and fully managed encryption solution that will provide any healthcare or healthcare-related organization with a simple way to enforce data encryption across files and even across entire email platforms. This solution can be implemented without interrupting the day-to-day activities of healthcare staff- vital to medical institutions that don’t switch off at 5.30pm and operate around the clock.

This solution is so powerful because it allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Automatically encrypt all information they transfer by email, CD or DVD, USB key and even files uploaded to the web.
  • Encrypt all forms of Patient Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Fully comply with HIPAA & the Data Protection Act

You won't believe how easy it is to implement our cloud-based encryption solution.  Please contact us for a quote and demonstration.