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Beware Of CIA Phishing Email Now Circulating

If you checked your Email and received an Email that claims to be sent from the CIA, be warned - this is a phishing attempt and not a legitimate communication from the Government.

Copy Of Filtered CIA Phishing Email

Copy Of Filtered CIA Phishing Email

The Email purports to have a “long awaited ATM card” with an $11 million credit line that’s  going to expire in 3 days if you don’t provide the following sensitive information; your full name, your physical address, your occupation and your phone number.

Furthermore, the phishing Email states there is an $80 dollar a day “keeping fee” for every day that you don’t claim the ATM card. To make the communication even more outlandish and unbelievable, it is signed “Yours In Service - Janet Napolitano (Secretary) Department Of Homeland Security”

This is another example - and not a very good one - of phishing Emails and the lengths that cyber scumbags will go to in an effort to steal from the general or uninformed internet surfer.

If you aren’t using Email security and filtering services to remove this Email from being delivered to your inbox, don’t fall victim to the ploy - delete the Email immediately and DO NOT offer any response to the sender! If you do, you could find yourself the next victim of theft by deception or even identity theft, which is something that no one can afford.

Phishing Email remains to be  a driving malevolent force on the internet that is looking for new victims at every turn. If something looks “phishy” don’t get emotional and click on attachments (as they likely contain viruses or other malware) and don’t supply the sender with personal information that you wouldn’t give to a stranger you just met while walking down the street.

As the holidays approach, Internet scammers are more determined than ever to pry information and money from unsuspecting folks, don’t let yourself be a victim and please pass this post to friends so they can avoid falling prey to this Email scam.

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