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Build Beauty Salon Or Spa Website

Darren McLaughlin
posted this on December 02, 2011 16:16

If you're tasked with the job of designing a new website for a beauty salon, hair salon, massage studio, tanning salon, or spa, you need to seriously consider MostHost Cloud Hosting Plans with Parallels Web Presence Builder.  Rather than just tell you how easy it is to design your new spa or salon website, we've compiled a short 6 minute video that shows you the basics of using the tool for web design.  Keep in mind, the system is extremely easy to use and extensible. There are 60 different color schemes, countless headers, and other configurable settings.  That means you could build hundreds of different websites easily.  That makes this a perfect solution for web designers who need to bang out spa websites.

This video highlights creating a new page using Web Presence Builder.  You'll learn how to add text and how to make a search engine friendly slug.  Web Presence Builder is extremely useful for search engine marketing, and it integrates exceptionally well with social media marketing.

We're adding many more videos now that we've upgraded all of our hosting plans to include Parallels Plesk 10.4 with the newest version of web presence builder.

Plesk 10.4 with Parallels Web Presence Builder is available:


You can save 10% off on Linux Cloud Hosting Plans that include Parallels Web Presence Builder.  Use coupon code "CHRISTMAS".  Read all the details on Webwire.  Order from our Linux Web Hosting page.  Check out the World's Best Beauty Salon Builder Demo to see an example.