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The Insurance Agency Website Builder For You

Darren McLaughlin
posted this on December 15, 2011 13:40

This video will show you the basics about creating an insurance agency website using Web Presence Builder. I've stressed how easy it is to do in past articles and videos and will do so again in this one. When you have to build a really functional insurance agency website, you'll appreciate having a tool to help you. Web Presence Builder is part of Parallels Plesk and is the only control panel we use on all of our cloud hosting solutions. This panel allows us to offer managed service to all clients.


Cloud hosting coupled with an amazing web presence builder offers a number of advantages over traditional hosting. This video will show you some of the ways in which this solution really excels. If you have to build lots of websites for clients, please contact us for a custom quote. Plesk is the perfect platform for you to use, and we'd be happy to discuss creating a solution that's perfect for you. 

Using Plesk for management reduces the complexity of server management by providing a simple to use graphical interface for clients that can be accessed using any web browser. Using Web Presence Builder, you can create and maintain multiple websites for insurance agency. Using Plesk, you can manage the hosting resources and subscription plans for them. Find out how a complete solution, including billing could benefit your web design business.

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