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Encryption Offers Protection For Sensitive Data Sent In Email And Stored On Hard Media

In today’s fast moving digital age, the importance of keeping sensitive data safe from prying eyes has never been more important.

Encryption protects private data contained in Email, USB's CD's and DVD's

Encryption protects private data contained in Email, USB's CD's and DVD's

This is especially true for businesses and organizations that must use Email and hard media such as USB sticks, CD’s and DVD’s to share and transmit personally identifiable information such as payment history, credit card numbers, social security numbers, birth date information, patient records, medical diagnosis or any other private information that could cause a security breach. If this data is somehow leaked or lost, it could result in costly fines and penalties for your organization.

This is where AES 256 bit encryption offers peace of mind and the technology that healthcare, insurance companies and the financial service sectors need to stay compliant and safeguard data from being accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Encryption keys are granted to intended recipients of sensitive data and anyone that doesn’t have a valid key to access the data will be prevented from accessing it. Encryption can be used to protect data stored in numerous forms including computer files, Emails, CD’s and DVD’s that contain sensitive information, as well as USB drives. In the event that these hard media types are ever lost or stolen, it’s a layer of protection that makes sure that your data is inaccessible to people it isn’t intended for.

In addition to keeping private data on USB, CD and DVD’s  secure, encryption can also be used to protect  embargoed news  until a time and date that you select. This is perfect for companies that frequently release time sensitive news, such as Press Releases, annual reports, new product lines or other information that must be kept ‘under wraps’ until a certain time. Once the preset parameters in the embargoed news has been met, Email recipients with a valid encryption key can freely access and assimilate the information contained within.

Security and privacy are two very serious concerns that encryption services address and solve for businesses and organizations of all sizes. By protecting sensitive data of employees, customers, patients, clients and others you’re taking the steps it takes to be a responsible business or organization that values and enforces these core beliefs in everyday workflow.

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