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More Phishing Email Scams Reported

If it isn’t bad enough that your regular mailbox is stuffed to the brim with catalogs and sales circulars during the month of December, add your Email inbox to the mix.

Scrutinize Emails That Look Suspicious

Scrutinize Emails That Look Suspicious

This December there have been numerous reports of fraudulent phishing Email scams being sent from a variety of forged sources, including FedEx, the CIA, Delta Airlines, and UPS - just to name a few.

Adding to the mix, Amazon.com - a leading online shopping and commerce website - recently warned the public that there’s a malicious Email currently in circulation that threatens to deactivate the user’s account. However, the recipient can avoid this trouble by completing the attached form which contains Trojan malware. If this program is deployed on your computer it can be used to spy on online activity or be used to reveal sensitive information like credit card information, website log in details or other credentials.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name was recently used by Nigerian scammers to try and bilk sensitive information from unsuspecting Email recipients by claiming they had a pending inheritance of $10.5 million dollars waiting to be claimed. The malicious mail endorses the Central Bank Of Nigeria and urges them to contact the Nigerian bank’s ATM-Card Department, which will give them further information on how to claim an ATM card that entitles its holder to withdraw $10,000 per day. Of course, this Email is just a ploy designed to fool people into handing over personal information to fraudsters.

It’s always a good idea to delete any Email that looks suspicious or prompts you to take immediate action, since this is one of the tactics Spammers use to encourage people to click on links and attachments. During the busy holiday season, scammers are relying on shifty tricks like scaring people with deactivation notices in an effort to take whatever they can from them. Don’t fall prey to these scams!

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  1. Liane Markus says:

    Good thing they were able to report these various scams because this really creates a huge problem and a lot of people are being affected with it. If there is a good solution, then there will probably be a good outcome in solving this issue regarding these scams.

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks for your comment, Lianne. These scams are getting more and more underhanded in an effort to try and fool internet users.

    I always browse through my rejected Email reports to keep an eye out for “phishy” looking Email so that others that aren’t using Email filtering and security can be made aware of them and avoid the troubles that come as a result of malware infected Email.