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Phishing Email Scams Are In High Gear This Holiday Season

There’s no time like the holidays to ramp up an Email phishing scam to catch distracted consumers off guard. People are anxious to make sure their gifts arrive on time and everything is on schedule, so they’re more likely to inadvertently click on a link that “requires” their immediate attention.

Malware Awaits You After Clicking!

Malware Awaits You After Clicking!

In the spirit of a “grinchy” Christmas, malcontents that send phishing Emails love this time of the year because it’s easier to persuade people to open attachments or click on links after scaring them with simple tactics - like claiming their credit card has been charged, saying a delivery has been postponed or by using other underhanded tactics.

Recently the BBB,  CIA and Delta Airlines warned consumers about illegitimate Email being sent out on their behalf and urged them to be diligent about Email security.

In the last few days, trusted delivery company, UPS reported there is a phishing Email in circulation using their brand to try and dupe people into clicking on a link prompting them to “track their package.” Once a recipient clicks on this link, they’ll be transported (no pun intended) to a website that can infect their computers.

This Email is designed to fool people because it appears to be legitimate - complete with images - and even purports to have originated from a valid sender, but a closer look by an educated eye will find oddities such as English that is slightly off, the Email addressing the recipient by their Email address, and a heading that reads “UPS - Your UPS Customer Services.”

If you’ve received any suspicious Email from the Better Business Bureau, UPS, the CIA or Delta Airlines, take extra care to immediately delete the message and make sure not to click on any of the links - or attachments - provided in the Email. Doing so could put your computer at risk and could result in identity theft or financial losses.

Remember, the holiday season is a time filled with good cheer, but don’t let your guard down and click on any of these types of Emails!

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