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What Is Spear Phishing And How Can I Stop It?

If your business or organization is concerned about protecting your sensitive computer information, be aware that there’s a new type of Email computer threat making it’s rounds on the internet.

Known as Spear Phishing, this fraudulent Email poses as being sent from a “friend” and asks the recipient to click on a website or link that then infects their computer. The methods that Spear phishers use to mimic a trusted source or contact are sophisticated and the Email might even look legitimate, but one misstep from you, or anyone on your computer network, could put your business at serious risk by allowing hackers and malcontents to access critical computer information.

Spearphishing Attacks Are On The Rise

Spearphishing Attacks Are On The Rise

In fact, Spear Phishing is the technology that was used to facilitate the recent Shady RAT attacks that compromised 72 worldwide organizations. Although specific companies haven’t been named in the Shady RAT intrusions, they include Governments, defense contractors, and companies in various industries including construction, technology, accounting and media, according to McAfee.

This is why businesses and organizations worldwide need to implement Email Security policies to stop these types of malicious communications from reaching the Inboxes of any of their employees. By preventing this mail from being delivered, you eliminate the opportunity for an uninformed or distracted employee or agent to accidentally click on a link that jeopardizes your corporate infrastructure.

These types of computer breaches are costly and can result in hefty fines on a per incident basis, so security conscious companies and organizations would be well served to find a reliable Email security solution to prevent them before they occur.

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