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‘Please Pay Your Outstanding Fedex Invoice’ - Email Alert

If you recently checked your Email and found a suspicious looking Email with the subject line ‘Please Pay Your Outstanding Fedex Invoice’ be sure to immediately delete this message and certainly avoid clicking on any of the links provided in the Email.

In all, this message contains 5 links. Out of the 5 links, 3 of these links appear to look legitimate and 2 of the provided links resolve to untrusted websites that have nothing to do with Fedex.

The entire text of the message reads:

Fedex Scam Email

Fedex Scam Email

FedEx Billing Online - Ready for Payment


Hello *Email Address Removed*
You have a new not paid bill from FedEx that is ready for payment.

The following ivoice(s) are ready for your review :

Invoice Number

To pay or review these invoices, please sign in to your FedEx Billing Online account by clicking on this link: http://www.fedex.com/us/account/fbo

Note: Please do not use this email to submit payment. This email may not be used as a remittance notice. To pay your invoices, please visit FedEx Billing Online, http://www.fedex.com/us/account/fbo

Thank you,
Revenue Services

This message has been sent by an auto responder system. Please do not reply to this message.

The content of this message is protected by copyright and trademark laws under U.S. and international law.
Review our privacy policy. All rights reserved.

Again, if you received this message, be sure to delete it to avoid any complications it could cause with your computer, including trojans, malware and other malware that could compromise your computer security.

I hope that you found this post helpful and if so, I kindly ask that you share it with your friends and family so they don’t have to spend their Friday night trying to restore their computer systems. Thanks for reading and have a great Friday evening!

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