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Stop Spam, Viruses And Phishing Attempts From Reaching Your Inbox

Email Summary Of Blocked Emails

How much time have you spent today sorting and deleting Emails in your inbox? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Longer?

Chances are you’ve spent more time than you should have trying to decide whether or not an Email was legitimate or whether it contained a phishing attempt,  spam or a virus -  and you’re not alone.

Email remains a highly targeted method for spreading malicious codes to computer users everywhere.

A recent study conducted by Commtouch found that there were over  230 billion Emails sent in the months of August and September that contained malware and infected attachments with variants of Sasfis, SpyEye, Zeus, fake antivirus and other malicious codes.  This is the highest level that’s been reported in 2 years and senders are using craftier methods to try and entice Email recipients to click on links and infected Email attachments.

With this high amount of malicious Email transmissions being sent out to recipients everywhere, it makes sense for businesses and organizations to stop them from being delivered to or within their computer network.

A solution to the growing problem of Email threats  isn’t as difficult as you might think to implement.

Removing Email threats with a cloud based Saas solution assures that questionable mail is quarantined remotely and isn’t delivered to an unsuspecting employee that could potentially expose critical information by accidentally clicking on a link or file that contains malware.

Prevent the click, prevent the problem!

Automated detection software proactively flags and stops delivery of suspect Email to its intended recipients. IT managers can further tweak settings to block Emails by domain or set specific rules for individual Email boxes that allows or disallows delivery of Email based on these specifications. Furthermore, IT managers can set size limits of file attachments to monitor and control the delivery of Emails that include large files.

Regardless of automatic detection settings, IT managers retain full control of incoming Emails by way of  an Email report that shows a list of all Email that’s being held and why - Likely Spam, Virus, etc. If any Email that’s being held is valid - such as a newsletter or other opt-in Email - it can quickly and easily be ‘allowed’ and will be delivered immediately.

Both incoming and outgoing Email is scanned for threats offering industry-leading detection rates enabled by the unique multi-layered combination of MXSweep filtering technology in partnership with the world’s leading detection engines. Real-time, all-the-time virus and spam outbreak protects your organization even when you’re sleeping.

Our solution to stopping spam, viruses and evolving phishing attempts is cost effective and doesn’t require hardware or an appliance in order to deploy. Since it’s a ‘set it and forget it’ solution, once you’re up and running you won’t have to worry about employees or associates inadvertently downloading a virus or unleashing a trojan on your corporate network.

This is perfect malicious Email prevention tool  for any size business, whether there’s 2 employees or 2,000 on your domain Email system.

To find out more about our Spam Email fighting  solution, please contact us or Request a Quote for Email Security services, we’re always happy to help.

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