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Advantages Of Virtual Private Servers For Business

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have gained in popularity among business people, because they offer a hybrid solution for hosting with several advantages over alternatives. Briefly, a virtual private server exists because of virtualization. Virtualization is a method that allows hosting companies to ‘split up‘ one server into smaller, isolated occurrences which are commonly referred to as virtual machines or virtual private servers. These ‘virtual‘ machines act just like real ones in most ways, but at a lower cost than a dedicated server.   Keep in mind, all virtualization software is not equal. At MostHost, we use Parallels Virtuozzo Containers because it creates virtual machines that are completely isolated from their neighbors, which means they can’t do anything to effect your VM.

Virtual Private Servers Are Perfect For Business

Virtual Private Servers Are Perfect For Business

In a nutshell, this means you can get the advantages of a dedicated server at a cost that’s only slightly higher than traditional hosting. For businesses who run multiple web presences on one virtual private server, this can simplify management, improve reliability, and allow for further expansion.

Windows And Linux Virtual Private Servers Keep Business Expansion Affordable

Linux virtual private servers offer all of the advantages of the LAMP stack.  Linux is well-known for its open source nature, and the large amount of functionality specifically for hosting that’s been built in.  Windows VPS are no slouch, either.  Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V is an extremely popular solution for organizations who are familiar with a Windows O/S and want the flexibility of a VPS.

By using a VPS you gain full control of your online experience. This includes your own FTP server, mail server, access controls for users, domain management, and more. Since we couple Parallels Virtuozzo Containers with Parallels Plesk, you have the same tools at your disposal as any web hosting reseller. This means you will need very little support to complete most common tasks related to running a web presence.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Powers Business VPS

If you do, that’s not a problem, either, because we offer fully managed virtual private servers.  Managing a VPS can be difficult for someone who is new to system administration.  Choosing a fully managed solution will benefit you by allowing you to focus on your core competence, which is running your business.

Virtual Servers Help Your Business Grow

Since we use Parallels Plesk for our VPS solutions, our hosting plans allow for you to use Parallels Web Presence Builder to build your online web presence, if needed.  This tool is a very easy-to-use website builder that outputs great looking websites in no time, even if you’ve never done web design before.  For a small business owner, this tool can be a godsend, because it allows you to update and extend your website, even with limited technical know-how.  You don’t need to be an HTML expert to produce well-formed, search-engine-friendly web pages that look great.  For small business owners who have neglected their websites for a few years, now is a perfect time to jump in and learn how.  Using our web presence builder on a VPS is a cost effective strategy for building a profitable web operation.

Once you build a new website on a VPS, your job is just beginning.  You’re also expected to make sure the pages are search-engine friendly and that they can be shared using social media marketing.  It’s easy to accomplish on your VPS using the Web Presence Builder.  You can drag and drop this, and additional functionality, to your web presence easily!  This saves you loads of time when it comes to implementing code changes or just adding some cool widget you want.  You don’t have to involve other people, which means one person can easily maintain multiple websites on one convenient interface.  Simplicity like this allows you to focus on the important task of high-quality content creation, and not on the ‘nuts and bolts’ that go into making up your web presence.

Cloud VPS Versus Traditional VPS

These days, a new hybrid has emerged.  Called cloud VPS, this type of virtual machine offers what a traditional virtual private server does,  but with additional advantages.  A Cloud VPS offers dedicated resources, and the extra benefits of high-availability and automated failover.  For websites that absolutely have to stay online, this boost in reliability is an undeniable ace in the hole.  If your web presences make you substantial amounts of money, then moving to a cloud dedicated server or a cloud VPS are probably worth a look.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is an excellent solution for any business because hosting service providers who use the technology can offer managed service.  Proactive monitoring is included, meaning problems can be stopped before they get too severe.  Many instances of downtime are the result of a service being unmanaged.  The hard drive might run out of space, or Apache may crash.  These type of occurrences are surprisingly common, but can generally be eliminated by a managed service provider who is carefully monitoring resource utilization.  Not only can your cloud hosting provider manage resources, but you’ll be able to see just how much of your resources you’re actually using.  This can give you an excellent idea if your current hosting solution is working out, or if you have to adjust your requirements.  Parallels Virtuozzo Containers based virtual private servers for Linux and Windows allow for easy migration.  If you ever need to upgrade, it’s extremely simple to do.

Hopefully this article has pointed out the advantages of virtual private servers for business.  This type of hosting solution is meeting the needs of many clients worldwide.  Businesses need reliable web hosting and they need lots of tools that help them compete online.  A virtual private server allows a business owner to consolidate one or more web presences into a single unified management platform.  At the same time, this solution provides the owner with more tools than ever, which will help them create a truly outstanding web presence.

The move to the cloud has caught some businesses off-guard.  There’s absolutely no reason to avoid a migration for the simple reason that cloud hosting has so many benefits, it’s worth the small bit of change resulting from a move.  You’ll have a faster, more robust, and better designed web presence than ever before.  Choosing a business virtual private server could be the move the helps catapult your online business to the next level.  Visitors love fast-loading and optimized websites so running your own easy-to-managed VPS on the cloud helps keep you well ahead of the competition.

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