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How To Track A Laptop Computer When Lost Or Stolen

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There’s nothing worse than having your laptop computer lost or stolen. Just think of all the data it contains - digital photos, Emails, website login credentials, private files, your internet surfing cookies, your contact lists and other personal data.

Protect Your Laptop In Case Of Loss Or Theft

The easiest way how to track a laptop computer when it’s lost or stolen is by having tracking software installed on the machine before it goes missing.

By using a feature rich mobile security software solution you’ll be able to remotely report that your laptop computer has been lost or stolen and lock the device down, so no one can use the computer or access any of the data stored on it. Other features that help secure your laptop computer include a device scream that makes the device impossible to use, the webcam takes a picture of the person (or persons) using it so it can be used to identify them later, a start up message alerts the user the device is stolen and urges the person that has it to return it. The software also uses IP tracking, GPS and satellite pictures to provide the approximate location where the computer was last used so it can be tracked and recovered.

Being able to lock down and track computers is especially important for businesses and organizations that issue laptop computers to employees or laptops that contain files and documents with sensitive information so that they don’t fall prey to a data breach that affects them on a business level.

The power of being able to lock down and track a lost or stolen computer is beneficial to both individuals and businesses alike. This still allows you to have administrative control over the computer, even if you don’t have it under your physical control. Additionally, it provides the vital information that you need to track down and recover your lost or stolen laptop computer.

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