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Are You Tired Of Your Employees Or Students Running Roughshod On Your Computer Network?

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Keeping employees and students on track during their scheduled work or school hours can be a difficult task, but Software as a Service has made this task much easier for Organizations to take back the reins and get control of their publicly used network.

Managing Users Is Easy With Web Content Filtering

The concept of using web content filtering services isn’t something new, but it is emerging as a leading way for school systems, businesses and Organizations to remotely control how students, employees and other personnel access the Internet when using computers that are assigned to their corporate network, whether they be desktop computers or laptop computers.

Here is how SaaS based URL Content filtering services benefits your Organization:

  • Protects Your Corporate Network - With thousands of new domains being added to the internet on a daily basis, content filtering software scans any website that your personnel are attempting to access for malware, viruses and other malicious code that could put your corporate network at risk. Websites that are found to have these nasty surprises in store for you are made inaccessible, preventing it from becoming a problem for your IT department later.
  • Blocks Illegal Or Pornographic Websites - Let’s face it, it just isn’t cost effective for System Administrators to stand over everyone’s shoulder to make sure that they aren’t watching adult material, downloading copyrighted material, spending hours at social networking websites or doing other unapproved activities while accessing the internet at the job place or in an educational setting. SaaS allows IT managers set personalized internet access levels for everyone in their company remotely, so they don’t have to be everywhere at once standing over everyone’s shoulder.
  • Monitor Internet Browsing Activities - Reporting tools allow System Administrators and IT Managers to remotely monitor the surfing habits of everyone using their network. This allows them to gauge how the internet is being used and by whom. Simply put, reporting tools make it less intrusive for you to see what users are doing without gaining physical control of their computer and looking through their browsing history.
  • Improves Productivity - By limiting the amount of time people can spend at sites that aren’t being used for  business or educational purposes, you’re increasing their productivity to finish their tasks at hand without other Internet distractions. For instance, if David - one of your students is supposed to be doing internet research for an essay, using the Internet to play online games isn’t going to get his assignment done.
  • Enforces Acceptable Use Policies - What is the good of an Acceptable Use Policy if you don’t have safeguards to enforce them? Web Content filtering allows you to transparently enforce your Acceptable Use Policies from the moment an authorized user logs in to your system. This helps prevent against litigation that could result from improper internet access from your users.

If you’re ready to start protecting and monitoring your educational or business network, please click on the button below to get a no-obligation quote on SaaS based web content filtering services. Our affordable and easy to deploy system makes it simple for you to regain control of what happens on your computer network.

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