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eDiscovery Made Better By SaaS

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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a growing force in software solutions, including in the field of compliance.  One example of how an SaaS solution can really make a difference is with the concept of eDiscovery.  Over the years, a push towards a paperless world has meant that more and more legal practictioners are archiving email in a format that is conducive to eDiscovery.  This helps organizations improve compliance while reducing complexity and cost.

A Reliable Saas Solution For Compliance

A Reliable Saas Solution For Compliance

At MostHost, we sell MXSweep Email Archiving, because it is a SaaS solution that has been designed specifically to solve compliance problems.  For any email archiving plan to be compliant, there must be centralization in place.  Basically this means that the organization needs to maintain a centralized repository for all of their electronic records.  This archive needs to contain every historical email or file sent by the organization so that the company’s legal team has easy access to them. This centralized archive is a huge boon over traditional alternatives. Such an email archive can help any eDiscovery team save tons of time searching for individual files.

A SaaS Solution To Meet FRCP, Basel 1, SOX, HIPAA, PCI And MiFID Compliance Requirements Automatically

Any compliance solution must be powerful and flexible, which MXSweep is.  In order to meet key compliance requirements for eDiscovery, certain standards and formats must be met.  Not only that, but compliance must be forced automatically based on rules set by the organization. It’s impossible to expect people to remind themselves of making the proper steps necessary to ensure compliance.  The roadmap to compliance is like this:

  1. Centralized storage of records.  This is accomplished by MostHost MXSweep email archiving and a centralized storage location.
  2. Archiving of files and email must be automatic.  Our policy-based solution does just that.
  3. The archive must be easily searchable.  Our solution is makes it very easy to find records.  It’s as easy as using Google search!

You don’t have to become a compliance expert in order to implement compliant email archiving. In fact, the process is so easy, you might just be amazed.  We’d be happy to have a product specialist show you a demo of our system via a Webinar. Please fill out the quote form linked to below so we can arrange it.

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