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Email Archiving Is Sound Business

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Archiving email may seem to be a luxury to some organizations, when in reality the practice should be considered essential for survival.  Even if you’re in an industry that isn’t directly regulated when it comes to email security and compliance, you still probably need to archive records of your email.  If you’re dealing with customers and vendors,...

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eDiscovery Made Better By SaaS

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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a growing force in software solutions, including in the field of compliance.  One example of how an SaaS solution can really make a difference is with the concept of eDiscovery.  Over the years, a push towards a paperless world has meant that more and more legal practictioners are archiving email in a format that is conducive to...

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Email Encryption Is Easy To Implement

By in Compliance

No matter how large or small your organization is, implementing email encryption is much easier than you might imagine, as long as you select an innovative cloud-based solution.  Large organizations in particular tend to struggle with the idea of adding email encryption to an extant email system, but they shouldn’t shy away from the project.  Email encryption...

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