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How Encryption Can Benefit Your Business Or Organization

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Encryption is probably not one of those things that most businesses or organization thinks about every day, but it’s one of those things that you’re happy to have when you really need it.

Protect Sensitive Email

Here are a few ways that Encryption can prove beneficial to your business or organization:

  • Emails that contain sensitive information are protected against being accessed by unauthorized people, so whatever confidential information is contained in the message can’t be viewed by anyone other than the recipient.
  • Encryption can be used to protect data in large file transfers, documents on your hard drive or hard media such as USB thumb drives, CD’s or DVD’s.
  • Offline access allows someone that isn’t able to access the internet the ability to retrieve the information using a  key access code.
  • Access rules allow you to set specific times and dates for data release. This is perfect for anyone that has frequent press releases or other time sensitive news to assure that the info doesn’t get released early.
  • Secure package tracking allows IT managers to track their sent Emails to determine whether the Email has been opened, additionally, a geo map allows them to see where the message was opened to assure that the message was delivered accordingly. You may also retract rights that make the message unavailable to the receiver, if needed.
  • Email recipients can use secure messaging in response to your message for no charge.
  • Is a secure option for health care providers, insurance agents, billing companies, financial advisors and other mandated industries to meet security and privacy requirements set forth by regulations such as HIPAA and SOX.
  • A straightforward implementation makes integration easy. There’s no need for costly appliances or hardware installations anywhere on your premises.
  • SaaS works on cloud infrastructure to assure that everything is fast and reliable for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re an IT manager that’s been dragging your feet about implementing Encryption services, there’s no better time than right now to find out about our Email Encryption Services and how they can help you. In fact, our solution is so easy to install and use, you’ll wonder why you thought it was difficult in the first place. No matter whether you manage 10 people or 1,500 people, our solution is built to scale for your needs - with no growing pains!

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