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Email Encryption Is Easy To Implement

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No matter how large or small your organization is, implementing email encryption is much easier than you might imagine, as long as you select an innovative cloud-based solution.  Large organizations in particular tend to struggle with the idea of adding email encryption to an extant email system, but they shouldn’t shy away from the project.  Email encryption is the simplest and fastest way for any company to massively and rapidly increase security and compliance.

Encryption Protects Large Files And Email

At MostHost we utilize MXSweep encryption because it has been specifically designed to solve problems of both compliance and convenience.  Nobody wants to make their jobs complicated, especially IT managers, so pitching a solution that is complicated and hard to implement is not good for anyone involved.  MostHost MXSweep Email Encryption is powerful because it’s flexible.  Let’s look at some of the key features.

  • Our encryption solution has been designed for compliance.  From the ground up, our encryption solution has been produced with the simple idea of helping solve compliance problems.
  • Our encryption solution is easy to implement.  With a central control panel and multiple clients, even the biggest organization can implement an entire encryption solution in a matter of hours, without changing existing infrastructure!
  • MostHost MXSweep Email Encryption is cloud-based, with all the advantages cloud offers.  High-availability and scalability ensure deployment is a snap.  In fact, with successful deployments of up to 15,000 seats, you can count on a rapid deployment for your organization at a speed that could surprise you.
  • MostHost MXSweep Email Encryption utilizes an affordable SaaS payment structure.  You never have to pay for hardware or software downloads and new features are automatically integrated!  Dedicated support staff ensure your email encryption always works as you expect it to.
  • Our encryption not only works for email, but can also be used for large files and removable media encryption.

If you’re interested in learning how email encryption can help your organization, I’d be happy to arrange a demo via a webinar where an expert can answer your questions and demonstrate our solution.

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