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Web Design Made Easy With Parallels Web Presence Builder

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Designing a website used to be  complicated business. A few years ago this meant finding a web designer and working with him, or her,  extensively to create your site over the course of weeks or even months.

If you didn’t want to  hire someone to do your web design, then you had to spend time and money to learn how to use web design software in order to design it yourself. But times have changed and it’s never been easier to create a professional website for yourself in just a few hours.

Web Design Made Easy

Web Design Made Easy

Our web presence building software is the perfect solution for small businesses including beauty salons and spas, Accounting firms, real estate agents, business consultants, care repair and towing businesses, car rental services, interior designers, home renovators, artists, photographers, roofers, doctors, general contractors, construction companies, charities, churches, non-profit organizations, environmental agencies, travel agencies, restaurants, nightclubs, bands, personal sites and many others.

Customization of your website is a breeze.  Every web presence builder comes with your choice of supplied headers or you can choose to upload your own logo to reflect your business image.

Since web presence builder comes with  pre-configured pages that are related to your profession already in place, all you have to do is get to work customizing it to have a website that rocks. An easy to use editor gives you the ability to add, edit, modify or delete these pages for your individual needs. All you need to do is add your text content, images or video to complete the pages. Once you’ve clicked on “publish” your site will be updated live time, making modifications and changes available to website visitors instantly.

Check out the video that shows you how easy adding a page is using Parallels Web Presence Builder.

Equipped with 60 supplied color schemes you’re sure to find a layout that suits you. If not, you can customize your colors using the color wheel. Additionally, you can add modules such as sidebars, scripts, sitewide images and links, advertising and others using a “drag and drop” system. Advanced settings allow you to verify website ownership and integrate Google Analytics, edit your Metadata and download your sitemap with just a few clicks… and your website is search engine friendly and optimized for the internet using clean code and a fast cloud based server.

Social sharing buttons on the site make it simple for your friends and family to share your website with others, raising exposure about your business. Web Presence builders also gives you the ability to publish directly to your Facebook page, as well.

If you’d like to give our web presence building software a test drive, you can do so by clicking here . We’d love to have you give it a free for free!