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Event Planning Businesses Thrive With A Great Looking Website!

Event Planning Businesses Thrive With A Great Looking Website!

By in Business, Web Presence Builder

If you’re serious about being the best party planner in your area, don’t overlook the importance of having a great looking website to convey just how awesome your company is at event planning.

With so many things in life to celebrate, including milestone birthdays like “Sweet 16,” high school and college graduations, engagement parties, baby and bridal showers, wedding receptions, job promotions, retirement parties, homecoming celebrations, family reunions, business holiday parties and other celebratory occasions - having a website that provides useful and helpful information about your service offerings is key to communicating with prospective clientele.

Event Planners Need A Great Website

Event Planners Need A Great Website

Depending on your unique offerings, you might want to showcase your tent rentals, decor skills, catered food offerings, your service representatives, live entertainment offerings, bottle service offerings, pictures from previous engagements and testimonials from happy clients.

Web Presence Builder For Event Planners Comes With Everything You Need!

Web Presence Builder is a flexible solution that offers Social Sharing tools for easy integration with popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter and others so that friends and family can easily share your website with people on their friends list. One-click Facebook Fan page publishing even allows you to publish a copy of your website directly to Facebook without any hassle.

Other features include:

  • Image Gallery - A fully functional Web 2.0 style Image Gallery allows you to upload photos of past events that you’ve worked on. Our solution also integrates with Picasa so if you’re using this service you can upload quickly by connecting with your user account.
  • Contact Form - Our contact form is easily customized so that website visitors can provide pertinent information about their events before booking with you. This could be short and sweet - requiring their name, Email address and phone number - or more in depth asking for this basic information along with the event date and time, venue, event theme, number of expected guests, special menu requirements and the like. This gives you more information so you can better service your potential client.
  • Upload Documents - The ability to upload documents directly to your website allows you to easily provide information like your catered menu, beverage offerings and event packages, if applicable. Since all of these documents are available to print, it’s a great way to offer service agreements, terms of service and other business related documents without having to send them out via postal mail or other serviced document delivery, saving you money on operational overhead. Clients can then simply fax this back to you and seal the deal.
  • Embed Video - If your Event Planning business has been recognized on local media or you’re running advertising, you can embed your videos directly at your website for additional coverage.


With the advancement of technology, not having a website is not an option for Event Planners that want their business to survive and thrive. The Internet is a very powerful medium for attracting new and return business and if you don’t offer a website, you’re likely missing out on business that is going to another party planner that has one!

If you’re ready to make the move towards your first - or a stronger - online web presence, we can help! Please give us a call directly at 877-270-7753 or try the demo yourself at Web Presence Builder and find out just how easy it is to create a great looking website for your Event Planning business. You’ll be glad that you did.