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54% Of Small Businesses Do Not Have Websites - Is Yours One Of Them?

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According to a survey done by Ad-ology in 2010, 46% of U.S. Small businesses do not have a website. Although the number has been growing for years, over one-half of all small businesses are missing out on potential online exposure by refusing to put their business online with their very own website. Some have argued that having a business website is not essential. They point to the popularity of sites like Yelp and Google Places for business listings. Certainly you can rely on these third party websites to promote your business online, but the small cost associated with founding your own website should never deter you from maintaining your own website for your business.

Do You Have An Online Business Web Presence?

Do You Have An Online Business Web Presence?

Website Builder Tools Make It Easy For The 54% Of Businesses Without An Online Web Presence

The rise of website builder tools has helped ease the frustration once associated with building and maintaining your own web presence. Website builders contain all the tools you need and are formatted in an easy-to-use manner so that literally anyone can make good use of them. The learning curve is not very steep, which means many non-technical people who have steered clear of web design can now take the plunge. Doing it yourself has the added feature of lowering the costs of website development.

Increase Your Bottom Line Using The Internet!

There doesn’t seem to be any question that having your own business website pays dividends in increased visibility and sales. 54% of small businesses do not have their own website, but 70% of the small businesses with the largest revenues do. This indicates that the small businesses that have invested in their own website have increased sales. Even more telling, 84% of mid-size companies (those with revenues between $10 million and $500 million) have websites. As you can probably surmise, if you want your small business to grow, then adding a business website is one sure way to do it.

At MostHost, we offer Parallels Web Presence Builder with our hosting plans because it represents a flexible way for non-technical people to build outstanding business websites. Plans start at $9.99 monthly and include everything needed to build a fully-functional, attractive web presence. Further, Web Presence Builder allows users to extend the functionality of their websites easily by using a drag and drop module system. Even those who are completely new to web design will find themselves empowered enough to create a web presence that extends across multiple social networks.

Publishing Your Business Website Is A Breeze!

Starting your first website might seem a bit scary at first, but with easy-to-use tools you won’t run into any problems. Your design skills will improve as you use the tool. Practice makes perfect as the old saying goes. Luckily for you, you won’t have to concentrate on software of maintaining updates. Our cloud-based solution is automatically updated for you. Bug fixes and feature requests are immediately made available. Don’t be one of those small businesses that has no web presence. Those people who search for your company online and can’t find any information, or find information controlled by a third party, may just keep looking! Business is hard enough without driving customers to competitors.

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