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How Compliant Cloud Email Security Can Help Your Business

Compliant cloud email security can be a great boon to organizations because it solves fundamental problems that exist. Organizations are learning more about compliance issue these days, especially in the United States, which has become a regulatory hotbed as it relates to data. Data security and email security are no longer luxuries that can afford to be ignored. Instead, securing data has moved to the forefront of issues that organizations are struggling with.

Best practices these days suggest that network administrators move their data from local storage to the cloud. The implications for compliance are obvious. Data must be protected from prying eyes, even that of company employees. In order to do this, physical access must to data must be either greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to move the data to a protected data center, which will satisfy requirements to a degree. Next, user control access must be granted about who exactly can access what data. This can be accomplished using a cloud based email security.

Why is scanning for viruses, removing phishing attempts, encrypting all your data, and archiving all your data so important? That’s because doing these methods in a technologically compliant solution is the fastest way to ensure your organization is up to speed on data security. For certain industries, this is a must.

Advantages of using compliant cloud email for a business, professional, or organization

  • You say goodbye to spam, viruses, and phishing attempts. These pernicious threats continue to remain a major and persistent problem, especially in our new era of network compliance. All it takes is one errant click from a distracted employee in order to trigger fines for the organization that are truly disastrous. You can eliminate that threat forever by scanning your inbound and outbound email in the cloud.
  • You can select to encrypt all of your email and data. In the event you should need to copy a file to a USB drive, you can still encrypt it, which would render the data useless to anyone without the proper key. All your email and any other data can and should be encrypted using commercial grade tactics.
  • Your cloud based email, which has now been encrypted, is stored in encrypted format and archived. This satisfies several other key ingredients to data security. First, data is no longer being transmitted in plain text, which is a huge issue. Email servers store email in the format they receive it in. This means plain text emails will stay stored on mail servers in plain text format. This is a big deal because mail is often relayed through multiple relays worldwide and can be stored on any and all of them in a completely insecure manner. This is a big ‘no no’ for compliance and security. Encrypting your data solves the problem of email being stored in plain text format on servers halfway around the world.
  • Your email doesn’t end up in spam filters anymore. Since you’re now using whitelisted outbound email servers, you get a much higher delivery rate and you can avoid the embarrassment of ending up being marked as ‘spam’ and residing in a spam filter. Just as important, you no longer have an insecure email server under your control which you’re ultimately responsible. This removes another potential vector of damage.
  • Your professional reputation or brand is improved by your demonstration of your commitment to compliance. The best clients require dealing with other compliant companies, so you can go after the best.

Compliance issues are growing every day as regulation hits industry. You can request a quote and find out how our compliant email packages can help you.

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