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Intuit GoPayment Shipment Note - Email Alert

If you recently checked your Email and noticed a message with the subject line “Intuit GoPayment Shipment Note” be sure not to click on any of the links contained in the message, as this is a phishing attempt designed to fool you into putting your computer security at risk.

The Intuit GoPayment Shipment Note Email reads in entirety:

Intuit GoPayment Shipment Note Spam

Dear Email address removed,

Great News! Your order, OE988712, was shipped today (see information below) and will be delivered shortly. We hope that you will find that it exceeds your expectations. If you requested several products, we may send them in separate boxes (at no extra cost to you) to ensure the fastest possible delivery. We will also supply you with the ability to track your parcels via the directions below.

Thank you for your order.

Order #: OE988712
Order Date: Sep 25, 2012

Item(s) Included In Your Order

Ship Date: October, 1 2012
Ship Method: DHL
Estimated Delivery Date: October, 3 2012 - October 05, 2012
Tracking No.: 8752911589189287606128

Quantity Item
1 Intuit Card Reader for GoPayment - Blue

Please take notice that shipment status details may not be available yet online. Check the Web site above for details update.

Delivery Notification:

We have sent your item(s) to the next address:

4706 11th Dr
Forth Nort, MO

Questions about your order? Please visit Customer Service.

Return Policy and Instructions

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You have received this business note as part of our efforts to fulfill your request and service your account. You may receive other mail notes from us even if you have previously selected out of marketing emails.

Please pay attention: This email was sent from an auomatic informational system that unable to accept incoming mail. Please DO NOT reply to this message.

©2011-2012 Intuit Llc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

In all, the message contains 7 bogus links, the most prominent link being the one contained in the “tracking number.” If you click on any of them, you could find yourself having to pay for costly repairs and/or virus removal. You’ll want to delete this one from your inbox immediately!

I hope that this post helped save you some time and trouble. If so, I ask that you kindly share it with your friends and family so they can avoid falling victim to this phishing hoax.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!

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