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Plesk Is A Great Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

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Linux is an outstanding server operating system, but without a control panel it can become a challenge to manage.  With a control panel, users can experience all the joys of Linux web hosting with a greatly simplified management console.  Parallels Plesk, which has been leading the hosting world for years, is a perfect control panel for Linux and Windows.  Using Plesk, you can manage your websites with a minimum of hassle.  You won’t be expected to learn complex commands to solve simple problems.  Instead you can expect to easily perform whatever task you want, without being confronted with too-steep of a learning curve.

Plesk 11 Control Panel Makes Linux Hosting Management Easy

Plesk 11 Control Panel Makes Linux Hosting Management Easy

Plesk even goes one step further than rival control panels by including Web Presence Builder as a feature.  Using Web Presence Builder, anyone can build a website.  So not only can Plesk help you manage your hosting account, it also allows you to create an entire web presence!  Using Plesk you can also easily install dozens of other applications to continuously extend the functionality of your website.  Using Plesk makes managing websites so simple that literally anyone can do it with no problem.  Linux web hosting has a lot of advantages.  Using a great Linux web hosting control panel like Plesk empowers uses to bring their web presence to the next level. Being able to build a website from scratch using the control panel is one amazing extra feature that everyone can appreciate!

Not only can you build a website, but you’re also able to manage all aspects related to your hosting plan.  If you decide you want to add an application like a WordPress blog to your web space, you can do so with one-click.  You also can easily manage your DNS, users, FTP server, and much more in your control panel.  Plesk is perfect for anyone who has to manage multiple websites because it segments the sites into logical units.  Just pull-down the web space you want to work with, and do your business.  For people who are not ‘tech-savvy,’ Plesk is a powerful tool that helps them accomplish what they want without having to bring in anyone else.  If you need to add users or change an email address, you can do so easily. The power is in your hands with Plesk.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your web hosting, consider a switch to Plesk.  At MostHost, all of our cloud hosting plans include Plesk.  As a Parallels Silver Partner, we specialize in Parallels solutions because of the value they offer to our clients.  You can’t beat the array of features you’ll get with Plesk 11.  Check out the video below which shows you how simple building websites with Plesk Web Presence Builder is.  Believe me when I tell you that we have many clients who are successfully building their first business websites using this outstanding software.  Learn more about our Linux Web Hosting Plans with Plesk.