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Linux Cloud Hosting Advantages

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Cloud hosting that employs Linux has a number of advantages that are worth considering the next time you shop for a web hosting company.  Linux is a very stable operating system for web servers, and cloud hosting helps take that reliability to the next level.  Linux has really evolved over the years to offer a robust feature set and the ability to easily add features and expand.  Cloud hosting is the perfect platform to extend on the basics of Linux while offering increased availability and scalability.

Cloud Linux Hosting Is Stress-Free

Cloud Linux Hosting Is Stress-Free

Running a cloud based VPS is a great solution for growing companies who need a decent amount of control over their environment.  At MostHost we install Plesk on our cloud virtual servers so we can offer a truly managed service that is also very easy for our clients to manage.  Plesk eliminates the need to do everything by hand, allowing for faster administration.  Routine tasks like adding and removing users, domains, and email boxes can all be done from the incredible easy-to-use control panel. These means even non-technical staff members can easily contribute to your online web presence. Plesk allows includes Web Presence Builder, the easiest website building tool available for the cloud.  If you have multiple domains under your care and want an easy way to update them for the times, then this tool will save you time and money.

Cloud hosting means your server stays online all the time.  High-availability virtual servers running Linux are proving themselves to be true workhorses.  The best cloud hosting provider will always monitor systems carefully and maintain system integrity.

Let’s look at some of the obvious benefits of Linux cloud hosting.

  • Linux Cloud hosting is extremely efficient.  Linux servers can run with very little overhead, which is perfect for cloud hosting environments.
  • Cloud hosting is flexible.  There are numerous Linux distributions to choose from, with CentOS leading the way in popularity.
  • Linux hosting on the cloud is affordable.  Linux tends to be cheaper than alternative cloud hosting solutions because of its open source nature.
  • Linux hosting is easily scalable in a cloud environment
With a Linux cloud virtual server, you’re in charge.  You can manage multiple domains simply without breaking a sweat.  You can expect excellent uptime, fast loading times, and room to grow with scalability.  Not only that, but you can easily install tons of useful applications that are specifically optimized for Linux.  This includes almost every popular program you can think of.  With Parallels Plesk installed your VPS allows for one-click installation of applications, which can be a big time saver.  Let’s face it, automation is one thing that can make people more effective.  Having an automated control panel to manage your cloud server makes your life stress-free instead of stress-filled.  Linux hosting on the cloud doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling experience.  Instead, select a robust managed service and leave the server management to experienced staff.