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Design A Car Rental Website On The Cloud The Easy Way

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Designing websites is no longer the difficult task it once was. In fact, it is now easier than ever to build outstanding websites. Web Presence Builder is the perfect choice for designing a new car rental website, because it has a template built for the task. No one can deny that using templates makes web design easier. Templates give you all the design elements and navigation structure you need to put up a fully functional website.

Parallels Plesk with Web Presence Builder goes a bit further than traditional website building tools in that it also allows you to easily manage all aspects of your domain, web hosting, and web presence from a simple, unified control panel. Life is already hard enough. Designing a top-notch car rental web presence does not have to be.

Build A Car Rental Website

Build A Car Rental Website

If you’ve ever used a WYSIWYG editor, you’ll be extremely familiar with how to use Web Presence Builder.  You can edit text with an editor, or you can manage the HTML directly.  You can easily drag in new functionality in order to add features.  Your design won’t break every time you add a script or widget!  Not only that, but when you publish your website, all the changes you made are immediately updated on the WWW (or cloud as some call it.)  There’s no more waiting around for FTP programs to transfer files.

This Is The Perfect Tool For Designing One Or One Hundred Car Rental Websites

Parallels Plesk is very flexible. It supports numerous business models, including that of ‘web designers.’ For those who wish to design and maintain websites for clients, a fully loaded Plesk Cloud Linux VPS with Plesk 100 domain licences running on MostHost Cloud is a great solution. Not only does it include the resources and licensing needed to power 100 domains, a 1,000 subscription license is included for Customer and Billing Manager. This is a full-blown payment and customer subscription management program that’s included free. Plans start at $57.99 and are fully managed.

It’s 2012 now and there’s just no good reason for anyone who has to create a car rental website to use inferior tools.  Stepping up to the cloud-based web presence building tool that professionals love simplifies what was once a very complex process.  Web Presence Builder has dozens of features that will impress even the most severe critic.  If you haven’t already, make sure to try the Demo at so you can see for yourself.  Individual hosting plans are $9.99/month and include domain, FTP, email, and everything else needed to maintain a professional car rental web presence.  All plans are fully managed, so you’re never on your own.  Our fast cloud hosting architecture ensures reliable and fast performance.