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Did You Really Forget Your American Express User ID? I Didn’t Think So!

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If you recently got an Email that appears to be sent from American Express with the subject line “Your American Express Forgotten User ID” don’t fall for the fake out and make the mistake of clicking on any of the links or images contained in the body of this message.

This is a phishing Email that’s designed to fool recipients and get them to click on bad links that could cause computer infections or place malware on your system.

The message reads in entirety,

American Express Hoax Mail

American Express Hoax Mail

Verify Your Request

Your Account Number Ending:

Dear Customer,

Did you recently verify your User ID or reset the password that you use to manage your American Expressâ Card account online?

If so, you can disregard this email. To help protect your identity online, we wanted to be sure that you had made this request.

If not, please click here, or log on to so we can protect your account from potential fraud.

Thank you for your Cardmembership.


American Express Customer Service

P.S. To learn how to protect yourself on the internet and for information about Identity Theft, Phishing and Internet Security, please visit our Fraud Protection Center at View Our Privacy Statement Add Us to Your Address Book

This customer service email was sent to you by American Express. You may receive customer service emails even if you have requested not to receive marketing emails from American Express.

Copyright 2012 American Express Company. All rights reserved.


As you can see in the image to the right, they’ve provided six different links for people to click on, but if you hover the link (don’t click!) you’ll see that these URL’s actually resolve to an IP address that has nothing to do with American Express. If you’re seeing this message in your inbox, be sure to immediately delete it to avoid any potential problems it could cause your computer.

If you’re tired of seeing these types of messages in your personal or corporate network inboxes, there’s an easy and affordable way to start filtering them remotely so they never get the chance to be delivered. For a no obligation quote on SaaS based Email filtering services, please click here to learn more.