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If you’ve been considering upgrading your website design but you haven’t been excited about the idea of paying a web designer to overhaul your site, Parallels Web Presence Builder could be the solution for you. Here are 11 reasons why I think Parallels Web Presence Builder on Plesk Panel and think that you will, too. Pre-configured templates (including...

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Parallels recently announced the release of Plesk Panel 10.4. This feature rich control panel gives web designers all the tools they need to design and publish professional websites without the need for knowing confusing web code. Parallels Plesk 10.4  empowers web hosts, like MostHost Inc. to provide  an integrated Web Presence Builder with Social Network...

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Designing a website used to be  complicated business. A few years ago this meant finding a web designer and working with him, or her,  extensively to create your site over the course of weeks or even months. If you didn’t want to  hire someone to do your web design, then you had to spend time and money to learn how to use web design software in order to design...

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If you’re in charge of a Non-profit organization, chances are you primarily focus on raising funds to further your cause or to extend outreach to your community, meaning that more technical details like a website might fall to the wayside because of other pressing needs. In today’s interconnected world, technology isn’t something to be ignored...

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Parallels Web Presence Builder is a tool that helps people quickly build an online presence.  The speed of development is certainly wonderful, but even more impressive, the program lets you add a lot of needed functionality to your burgeoning web empire. It’s not enough to create a website these days.  You have to go much further.  Now you need to expand your...

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There’s no question that cloud computing and cloud hosts are changing the landscape for healthcare IT professionals.  Healthcare IT professionals are experiencing rapid changes in their operating environment brought on by numerous regulations. Almost no aspect of the health care IT will remain the same as HIPAA and other regulator acts transform how companies...

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