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11 Reasons Parallels Web Presence Builder On Plesk Panel Is Awesome!

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If you’ve been considering upgrading your website design but you haven’t been excited about the idea of paying a web designer to overhaul your site, Parallels Web Presence Builder could be the solution for you. Here are 11 reasons why I think Parallels Web Presence Builder on Plesk Panel and think that you will, too.

Business Cloud Hosting Made Easy

Business Cloud Hosting Made Easy

  1. Pre-configured templates (including web pages) for numerous industries such as Accounting, Consulting, Auto Repair, Home Renovations and Restoration, Roofers, Salons and Spas, Artists, Photographers, Bands, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Cargo Delivery Services, Plumbers, House Painters, General Contractors, HVAC Services, Hotel Accommodations, Real Estate Services, Healthcare Providers, Churches, Organizations, Charities and many other key sectors.
  2. An easy to use editor makes customization simple. Add, remove or edit pages as needed to provide website visitors with key information they need about your products, services or bricks and mortar location.
  3. 60 different color layouts to choose from in a pull down menu. If the pre-selected color layouts don’t work for you, you can also custom select colors using a supplied color wheel.
  4. Plesk Panel empowers site owners to perform tasks such as restarting their machine, adding Email users, using FTP access, add databases, view web statistics, add and install web applications and conduct many other administrative tasks.
  5. Social media integration and sharing buttons make it easy to put your web presence on Facebook and allows website visitors to share your website with others on their friends or follower list at Twitter and other popular social networking websites.
  6. Changes at the website are reflected real time by clicking on the “publish” button.
  7. Google analytics integration makes it easy to plug in Google data.
  8. Upload your custom logo to customize your website or use supplied header art.
  9. Your website is optimized for search engines by default. Change or edit metadata to reflect your unique message.
  10. If you’re able to write, you’re able to use it! There’s no need to learn complicated web code or write confusing scripts. Clean code by default helps to keep your website friendly to spiders and web visitors alike.
  11. Easily add a blog or other popular applications like Joomla, Drupal and PHPbb.

Although there are many types of web site builders available today, Parallels Web Presence Builder on Plesk Panel makes it a breeze for small business owner or graphic designers to manage web resources and  publish  feature rich websites that have all of the bells and whistles that a modern day website owner is expected to provide to customers and visitors.

If you’ve never had the chance to use this awesome web presence building software, we urge you to give it a free trial by clicking on the button below. You are under no obligation to buy, so feel free to spend a little time and have a little fun!

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