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Build A Business Web Presence The Easy Way

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In 2012, building a productive web presence is easier than ever, thanks to web design tools like Web Presence Builder.  Web Presence Builder, which is a component of Parallels Plesk Control Panel, takes the once-complex job of web design and reduces it to simplicity.  For business owners, who have to spend their time focusing on running their businesses, a tool like this is a blessing because it helps them save time and money.  Those are two commodities the average small business person just can’t get enough of!

Parallels Web Presence Builder

Using a familiar WYSIWYG editor, anyone can create a good looking cloud website that will appeal to visitors.  Not only that, but Web Presence Builder has a lot of features built-in that will help you promote your website.  Search engine friendliness is one such feature.  Web Presence Builder creates a search engine friendly navigation structure that will allow your web pages to get indexed by major search engines.  Plus, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools integration is included, so it’s easy to make sure your web presence is counted by the world’s largest search engine.  Not only that, but inserting social sharing icons is as simple as dragging a ‘module’ into place.  The module system is very powerful, and will never break the design of your website.

These days, having a web presence means your website also has to be on popular social networks like Facebook.  Web Presence Builder gives you an option to publish a copy of your website to a Facebook Fan Page as a tabbed application.  This is a nice additional feature that saves you a lot of effort.  You can also easily snap in a commenting plugin, photo gallery, contact form, and any additional script you need.  With a MostHost Cloud Hosting Plan you can also install popular applications like WordPress to run alongside your web presence.  The features are powerful and the configuration is ultimately up to you.

With 60+ pre-set style sheets to choose from, and selections of 1, 2, or 3 column design, it’s easy to create a website that is functional and attractive.  Web Presence Builder hosting plans by MostHost are available from $9.99 per month and include everything you need to run a successful web presence for your business.  That includes email, webmail, cloud hosting, and an advanced management control panel.  All plans are fully managed by our staff, so if you ever run into a snag you can always open a trouble ticket and we’ll be happy to help.  MostHost is a Parallels Silver Partner that specializes in Plesk solutions for cloud hosting.  Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.  Feel free to add any thoughts you have in the comments section!

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