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Designing Your Own Website Is Easy With The Right Tool

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It’s no secret I’m a big fan of using a web presence builder to design websites.  I think it makes a lot of sense, especially for small businesses who always need to be financially sound in their decisions.  Using a site creation and editing tool like Parallels Web Presence builder, you save time and money because the routine tasks associated with building a web presence have been automated.  Not only that, but you have numerous templates to choose from to build your basic website.  For someone who builds multiple websites for clients, this can be a real time saver.  It can also be a money and time saver for a small business that decides to use it to design their web presence.

New York Cloud Hosting Sample Site

Let’s take a look at a couple example websites built with this tool.  Here’s a sample web hosting website that highlights our Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V hosting in New York City.  As you can see, it’s easy to built a simple website with excellent site structure and navigation.  Using slugs, you can create search engine friendly slugs for pagenames, like we did here for this page which describes the default Plesk Page. You can create multi-level menus that make navigation a snap.  You can also snap in ‘breadcrumb navigation,’ which can become extremely useful if you’re building a website with a lot of information and a lot of interlinked pages.

Web Presence Builder Outputs Professional Business Websites Quickly

Making changes to your website has to be a fast process.  You need the ability to quickly update your design and your content.  You also have to be able to add social sharing tools, javascript, and photo gallery capabilities in order to make your web presence as accessible to your clients as possible.  You can do this quickly and easily with cloud hosting and Parallels Web Presence builder.  You no longer have to hire others for every routine task related to your website maintenance and administration.  You can rest easy, knowing that you have the right tools to get the job done yourself.

Let’s take a look at another web presence created using this outstanding utility.  Check out this sample Beauty Service And Salon Website.  As we’ve done here, you can build off the default theme and change it to your needs.  This includes modifying the color scheme, which is extremely easy.  You can choose from dozens of pre-set color schemes by pulling down an alternative from a menu.  You can use the included stock images or you can upload whatever stock images or photos you have from your own collection to really modify your design.  Since Parallels Web Presence Builder is a component of Parallels Plesk, you can also easily install whatever additional applications you want to, with a few clicks.

Parallels Web Presence Builder Ships With Parallels Plesk 10.4 

This video shows you the basics of Parallels Plesk 10.4 (Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4 First Look)

Web Presence Builder also has the added advantage that it can be used to create a tabbed Facebook version of your main website.  This is great because it will give you a working contact form and mailing list manager that actually work on Facebook.  The design seamlessly snaps in to Facebook, so it’s like having a bit of additional real estate for your web presence on the world’s most popular social network.  As you can tell by the name, Web Presence Builder goes beyond building a simple website and helps you establish and maintain a professional web presence.  Social media integration will help you market your products and services online.

Parallels Plesk also contains the Customer and Billing Manager, which is a full-fledged system you can use to create subscriptions to bill your clients.  It’s a highly flexible system that can be modified to fit the needs of many businesses in many industries.  The web hosting template and beauty salon website are just a few examples of the types of sites you can design using Plesk and Web Presence Builder.  You most likely will be able to find a template for your company.  If not, there are several generic ones you can choose from to get started.

To sign up for a cloud hosting solution using Parallels Plesk Panel and Parallels Web Presence Builder:

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Check out this demo to try for yourself so you can see just how easy it really is to use.

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