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8 Reasons Why You Should Hate Spam Email

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Before the internet, Spam used to just be a mystery meat that had to be seared up in a well buttered pan and then drowned in Heinz catsup, if that’s what mom was putting on the dinner table.

Spam Isn't Just For Dinner

Fast forward 25 years - Spam, the meat is still available, but it’s new age counterpart, Spam - the Email - has emerged as a dietary staple in everyone’s electronic inbox. It seems that every time you get done deleting an unsolicited Email, another one gets delivered.

Besides just being a nuisance, here are 8 more reasons that you should hate spam Emails.

  1. These types of Email are likely to contain viruses, phishing attempts or malware that can damage your computer system or result in financial loss or identity theft.
  2. Spams that aren’t otherwise ‘infected’ could be selling less than trustworthy products or services.
  3. Spam Email attacks are orchestrated by cyber-criminals and cyber-gangs that use this tactic exclusively to scam people.
  4. Sorting and deleting Spam Email wastes time and resources.
  5. If you make the mistake of clicking on a link or attachment that contains malicious code, you run the risk of sending the virus to others contained in your Email contact list.
  6. Malicious code could infect your computer with a  trojan, rootkit or other spyware that reports all of your computer activity to an unknown - and untrusted - third party.
  7. Spam wastes computer resources by abusing the computer networks of others.
  8. It just isn’t fun. Although you might get a laugh from some of the poorly worded messages contained in the Email, it really is no laughing matter.

One thing is for certain, Spam, no matter how it’s served, is still just a mystery meat - whether it’s in a sandwich or waiting for you in your inbox.

If your business or organization is wasting too much time, money or resources to sort through unwanted Email, we can help! Our Email security detects and removes 99.2% of Spam and 100% of virus Emails seamlessly in a cloud infrastructure.

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