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Why Businesses Need Web Content Filtering On Their Private Computer Networks

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Being in business entails a lot of things and monitoring employees is one of them, especially if you’re a small or medium sized business that has several employees accessing the internet during the work day. By allowing your personnel to freely access the internet without any oversight, you could be putting your computer network in danger by leaving it open to Internet security risks.

Protect Your Business Computer Network

Here is how URL content filtering can help your business’ bottom line:

  • Increase Employee Productivity - IT Managers can set  Internet access rules that limit your employees access to your specifications. You can easily whitelist or blacklist sites based by URL or set timeframes when employees can visit social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and others. By enforcing these rules seamlessly, you don’t have to worry about disciplining employees for fooling around on the Internet during the day because the software does it for you.
  • Continuously Scans For Internet Threats - Every day thousands of new websites are launched on the Internet, but not all of them have good intentions. If one of your employees attempts to visit a new site, URL content filtering will analyze the site to see if it contains malware, virus infected links, illegal or unauthorized content. If the site in question is found to contain bad links or shifty downloads, it will stop your employee from accessing it - so you can avoid infecting your computer network.
  • Reduces Legal Liability - Web Content Filtering helps to assure that your employees aren’t downloading illegal or copyrighted material and stops inappropriate content from entering your workplace. This helps protect your business from criminal or harassment lawsuits that could result from actions made on behalf of your employees.

While you might think that enforcing web policy rules across your business network is a task too large to handle, SaaS software makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to quickly deploy acceptable use policies across all departments of your business. Reporting and tracking tools allow you to view what your employees are doing on their computers during the workday, in case these are ever called into question.

If you’d like to get control of your employees while they’re using your business network, be sure to ask for a no-obligation quote on Web Security Services and a representative will contact you.

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