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FAQ On Do-It-Yourself Site Builder Solution By MostHost

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If you’ve been contemplating a Do-It-Yourself website builder to create a site for your business, you probably have a few questions about how it all works and how it can help improve your online image.

DIY Web Design Can Be As Enjoyable As A Cup Of Coffee!

In this post I’m going to cover some common questions that someone might have regarding a DIY sitebuilder solution and answer them.

Q: How does a DIY Sitebuilder save me money?

A:  A DIY sitebuilder saves you money in a number of ways. One area of major cost savings is on website designers. It’s not unusual for web designers to charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to put together a website for a client and oftentimes these charges don’t even cover other ‘extras’ such as website maintenance, additional webpages or making revisions to your site. In many cases you could even be required to sign a long term contract making it difficult for you to leave in the event that you’re unhappy with your services. A DIY website builder solution gives you all of the tools that a web designer has at a fraction of the cost and empowers you to make your own website without needing a designer to hold things up.

Q: What about Social Networking websites - will it work with them?

A:  Good for you on wondering about how your website will integrate with Social Networking websites. It’s no secret that almost everyone expects to find an active social profile at sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social destinations so making your website ‘social friendly’ is a key benefit of using a DIY website builder because it comes with social sharing tools and one-click Facebook Fan page publication included. While many web designers charge a significant amount to add these social tools at your site, you can add them for absolutely free, nada, zip - nothing! It goes without saying that this functionality makes you look like the smartest website owner in the world.

Q: What if I decide I don’t like the website and want to start over?

A: That’s a great question! Unlike some website builders out there where the first design that you choose is the one you’re stuck with until your term expires, Web Presence Builder allows you to make unlimited changes to your website without any issues. Don’t like your header image? Choose another supplied image or upload your custom image. Need to add more pages to your site? Not a problem - just add whatever pages you need to your navigation with just a few clicks of your mouse. Want to offer a “Contact Form?” All you need to do is use a ‘drag and drop’ module to put your form wherever you need it to be. You can also customize the required fields to collect your visitors information directly from your website.

Q: I’m an artist. Can I use a DIY website builder to showcase my portfolio?

A: No one wants to be known as a ‘starving artist’ and a DIY website builder can definitely help you showcase your sculptures, photography, custom work, paintings, drawings and other creative work to potential clients or buyers. Using an Image Gallery module you can easily upload digital pictures of your work from your computer hard drive or import stored images directly from Picasa. By offering a sampling of your work to interested people at your website you can reach a worldwide audience and not just the people that already know about you. This could extend your circles beyond any real or imagined border you may have in your mind.

Q: I’d like to offer advertising space at my site, can I do that?

A: Yes, you can. An easy to use advertising module can be dropped anywhere on your website to offer local advertising. Further you can offer javascript ads such as Google Adsense, Clickbank or other java based ad code. This gives you another passive way to generate revenue from your website. All you need to do is insert your valid ad code and you can start displaying relevant ads in a short period of time.

Q: Do I have to download software to my computer in order to build my website?

A: Nope! This cloud based website building solution doesn’t require you to download any software to your computer, so you can save your hard drive for more important things like storing your digital photos and other personal files.

Q: How fast can I get started?

A: Unlike using a web designer to plot out your site and being limited to work within their time constraints, you can start building your own website almost immediately after purchasing a Web Presence Builder account. This means that if you’re ready to build your website today you can - giving you the power to publish a website you can call your own in no time.

I hope that you found this Do-It-Yourself Website builder FAQ helpful! If you have any other questions about this powerful software solution, please feel free to give us a call or visit Web Presence Builder to get started today!