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Whitney Houston Scams Penetrate Twitter And Facebook

By in Internet Security, Social Media

Whitney Houston’s death came as a surprise and many fans turned to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to share their memories and pay their respects to her.

Beware Of Whitney Houston Scam Links

Whenever a major event like a celebrity death takes place, it’s common to find out that scammers are working diligently to try and induce unsuspecting fans into clicking on links that contain malicious codes or viruses that can wreak havoc on your computer systems. Once a user has clicked on these links, they are then re-directed to a site that offers Whitney Houston wallpapers. If the user downloads the wallpaper, it then prompts them to download a ringtone and then sends them along to a survey website where they’re asked to give their cell phone number.

This is just a reminder to pay careful attention to the links that you click on at Twitter and Facebook on the heels of a big event like Whitney Houston’s untimely passing.

Not all links land you in happy places when traversing the Internet.

If you’re a business that has numerous employees accessing the Internet from networked workstations, web content filtering can prevent your personnel from accessing these links and putting your business computer network at risk of a virus or malware.

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