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Facebook Is The Most Popular Social Network For Teenagers

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It comes as no surprise that the most popular  social networking website accessed by teenagers is Facebook.

Teenagers Use Social Media To Network

A recent study by Pew Research polled 799 teens aged 12-17 about their use of social media websites found that 59% of teens have an account at one social networking website and 41% have accounts at multiple social sites such as Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Tumblr and Yahoo.

93% of teens that used social networking websites had a Facebook account while only 24% said they used Myspace. Myspace, a former social media darling that heavily promoted bands and acts, was a prevalent social destination up until April 2008 when Facebook overtook the site with a larger number of unique worldwide visitors.

According to Alexa, Myspace currently has a global  traffic rank of #124 versus Facebook’s Global Traffic rank of #2, so the trend with teens seems to correspond with Myspace use in general.

Of the teens that had multiple social networking profiles, 99% reported they had a Facebook account. Among teens with one social media profile, 89% maintain one account on Facebook, while the remainder of single social network members is spread among other social networking sites including MyYearbook, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo and other unspecified social destinations.

Top Global Social Networking Websites According To 

Here is a short list of social networks listed in Alexa’s top 100 websites as of November 21, 2011 - not based on age demographics:

#2 - - Social networking.

#3 - - Video Sharing.

#9 - - Microblogging service.

#12 - - Business and professional networking.

#37 - - Yahoo photo sharing service.

#44 - - Free blog hosting service.

#95 - - Online Video sharing community.

Social networking has become a standard for people of all ages to stay connected and share content with others from all over the world. The fact that teens are accessing these services from computers, laptops, tablets and even cell phones likens the chance that social networking websites will continue to flourish, even if the platforms fall off in popularity.