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Web And Email Security Services Help Mitigate Risk

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If you’re like most small or medium sized businesses in operation today, chances are that many - if not all - of your employees use your corporate business network to access information on the Internet and communicate with others via Email.

While these activities might not seem like anything particularly risky from a business perspective, if you aren’t using web and Email security services to protect your physical computer network, you could inadvertently be putting yourself at risk of catching a computer virus or allowing employees to access unauthorized web content during scheduled work hours, resulting in lowered productivity.

Mitigate Risk Using Email And Web Security Services

Mitigate Risk Using Email And Web Security Services

How Web Security Helps Mitigate Risk

Web security filters allow IT managers and business owners to seamlessly and clearly define what websites are allowed to be accessed during work days. This helps manage time that employees spend at social networking websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter so they aren’t wasting productive work hours ‘twittering’ the day away. Additionally, URL content filtering adds a layer of security by blocking websites that are likely to contain malware, spyware or are suspected ‘phishing’ sites, preventing these untrusted websites from becoming a problem on your computer network.

Web content filtering also helps you enforce Acceptable Use Policies on your network by offering reporting and logging tools to monitor and control employee Internet usage, so you can see exactly what and where your employees are doing when they use the Internet. It also reduces the risk of legal liabilities that could be caused by  illegal, copy-righted and inappropriate content entering your workplace that could potentially result in criminal or harassment lawsuits.

How Email Security Helps Mitigate Risk

If you aren’t using Email security services, Email is another way for remote Internet threats to penetrate your corporate network. If your business processes a lot of Email, this gives ‘not so nice’ Email senders the chance to fool any of your employees into clicking on a nefarious link or downloading a malicious .zip file with a hoax Email. Lately there’s been a large outbreak of fraudulent Emails that purport to be sent from a variety of trusted vendors, including - but not limited to - UPS, USPS, the IRS, American Express, and others. If these messages are being successfully delivered to your personnel and they make the mistake of clicking, you could be looking forward to costly computer downtime and the need for virus removal. Neither of which are productive uses of time in an operational environment.

How Do I Get These Services To Start Protecting My Business?

Luckily for business owners of all sizes, web and Email security services are affordable and easy to deploy.  We can help you start getting these safeguards into place to make your computer network a more efficient one.

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