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Security Measures Should Be On Every Business Associates ‘To-Do’ List

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HIPAA compliance isn’t just for health care professionals anymore. Business Associates that handle insurance claims, patient records and other personally identifiable information in an unprotected format could now be subject to lawsuits if they’re found to be negligent in protecting patient data.

Business Associates Need Secure Communications

This is why business associates should get ahead of the curve and start implementing security measures to protect themselves against costly fines and reputation damage caused by privacy and security breaches.

If you’re unsure of what exact security measures you need to take, here is where you need to start:

  1. Email Encryption - Email encryption allows you to send secure Emails to healthcare providers, partners, billing companies, Workman’s Compensation and others using AES 256 bit encryption. Email recipients that aren’t authorized to view the information will be denied access so your sensitive Emails remain private.
  2. Hard Media Encryption - If you use USB thumb drives, CD’s or DVD’s to store sensitive information, encryption allows you to protect the data from being accessed by anyone other than the original recipient. This is perfect if you use hard media to store financial records, health records and other private information.
  3. Large File Encryption - If your organization stores data in large files, encryption allows you to store these documents securely.
  4. Laptop Security - Laptops come in handy until they come up lost or stolen. If you use a laptop (or a fleet of them) to store or transmit sensitive information loss or theft of these devices could prove a costly mistake. Laptop Security is an affordable way to control your laptop computer, even if it falls into the wrong hands. It gives you all the tools to remotely lock down your computer and prevent the person (or persons) that have it from accessing information stored on it. Further, other controls make the device difficult to use and report the device as being stolen in the event that someone tries to pawn it or sell it in the shady aftermarket.

Luckily, tying up these loose ends is easy to do - and to deploy - using our software solution. There’s no need for expensive encryption appliances or hardware to protect data stored on your computers, sent through Email or hard media, so it’s affordable for businesses of all sizes and needs. Since it scales easily, you have the power to add or remove users, as your organization requires.

If you’d like to learn more about our Security Solutions for Business Associates, please Request a Quote  on Encryption and Mobile Security and a representative will contact you!