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Fw:Re: Job Application Pending: Please Respond - Scam To Avoid

Lots of people are out of work these days.

Watch Out For This Scam Email

Therefore there must be tons of folks who are out looking for jobs and putting in applications, right? Well spammers have seized on that fact and are out there trying to scam everyone who mistakes their email for the genuine article.

The subject line is: Fw:Re: Job Application Pending: Please Respond

The body is as follows:

Dear Job Applicant

Thank you for submitting your application for available work options.
We look forward to reviewing your application, but can not do so until you complete our
internal application.

The pay range for available openings range from $35.77 per hour to $57.62 /hr.
Before you are being considered, we will first need you to formally apply.
Please go here to begin the process:


Moreover, the following perks are normally possible:

- Paid Time Off
- Health Benefits Insurance
- Higher than average salaries
- College Reimbursement
- Complete 401(k)program

Please take the time to follow the directions and finish the full
application process.

Yours truly,
Josue Riley

As you can see, they’re attempting to lure people in with the offer a very high-paying job in exchange for ‘more information.’  Of course if you click on the link and actually fill out the form, you just have up important details to a ‘phisher.’  They will then use those details to access more accounts and cause real damage.  That’s the reason email security that scans for and removes these types of threats automatically is always recommended.

If you searched first and found this page, then just delete the email!  Don’t click on the link.

Emails like this are well-designed to trigger emotional responses. If you get excited and let down your guard, you’re suddenly giving out very sensitive information that you should never reveal, especially to a scammer. Please share this post with anyone you think it will help and thanks for visiting.

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