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Website Maker Online Simplifies Web Design

In the archaic yesteryear of web design, people actually had to ‘transfer files’ to their web servers.  This was a huge problem because things could always go haywire. Some of the files might not get uploaded correctly causing display issues.  Certain file permissions might get munged, which could wreak havoc on the functionality of the website.  Anything that could go wrong often did. Luckily, more and more people are moving to online website maker software that greatly simplifies the task of building and maintaining a website.

Website Maker Software Eases Your Worries

Website Maker Software Eases Your Worries

Transferring files wasn’t the only inconvenience you were likely to encounter. You also had to download and maintain the website maker software program. This means you were responsible for keeping a copy of this software on your hard drive and for patching it when bug fixes were made available.  What a bunch of hassle this whole set-up turned out to be for people.  Because so many people hated this type of setup, a new class of product (cloud-based website editors) sprung up to pick up where these primitive tools left off.

Cloud Web Presence Builder Outputs Clean HTML

We advocate the use of Parallels Web Presence Builder and include it with all of our cloud hosting plans because it reduces the complexity of web development. The editor is maintained at the server level and all HTML is output directly on the cloud as soon as you hit ‘Publish.’ If you have to add additional features, you can do so just by dropping them in using the modules tab. There’s no more lengthy period of time spent uploading programs and configuring them. Everything is done immediately when you edit, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important. You’ll be more productive than usual because the software cuts down on the unnecessary steps that used to take up so much of your time.

Software updates are performed automatically as part of your managed hosting service, freeing you up for other chores while reducing your stress levels. Your only focus can remain on making your website the best it can be, and on increasing your business. Fast-loading websites are pleasing to visitors and with a bit of effort you can turn these visitors into clients. The internet continues to expand into being the best place ever invented in which to do business. If you want to expand your business online you’ll need to be able to add features rapidly. Web Presence Builder can be turned into a complete eCommerce solution by placing the ecWid widget onto the site. Logging into their control panel you can create a product catalog that will display on your website! It couldn’t be simpler.

Creating websites on the cloud is fun! It’s great to see your work instantly update. It sure does beat the alternative of waiting for your files to transfer and then hitting refresh while hoping for the best. You’ll never ‘break’ your whole design the way you used to be able to. For business people who haven’t updated their websites in quite some time, it’s definitely worth a shot. Whatever concerns you used to have can be alleviated. Try the demo by clicking on the button.

Website Maker Software

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