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Don’t Be Tricked By An Email That Reports ‘Someone’ Found A Naked Picture Of You On Facebook

It’s the kick-off of a new work week and over the weekend Email scammers were hard at work sending out a rash of Emails targeting unsuspecting recipients in the hopes that they might click on an infected file attachment.

Be On The Lookout For Facebook Email

Be On The Lookout For Facebook Email

The Emails that were sent out all report to have a picture of you that was found on Facebook - likely naked - and questions your ‘decision’ to post such photos at the popular social networking destination. Don’t be surprised if there are numerous variants of the subject line and be on the lookout for such great headlines like:

FW:They killed your privacy man your photo is all over facebook! NAKED! or FW:Why did you put this photo online?

The Email contains a brief message that reads:

Hey ,

I have a question- have you seen this picture of yours in attachment?? Three facebook friends sent it to me today… why did you put it online? wouldn’t it harm your job? what if parents see it? you must be way cooler than I thought about you man.

At the end of the short message, there’s also a lot of ‘smiley faces’ just to make it look ridiculous.

If you happen to get a message like this, be sure not to click on the attached .zip file and delete this message immediately to avoid any computer complications that will be brought on by unleashing the code contained in the file. Otherwise, your Monday morning will be a little more stressful than it needs to be.

If you found this post helpful I ask that you share it with your friends and family at Facebook and other social networking websites so they can avoid catching a computer virus. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing this post!

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  1. Thank you so much for this warning. Many people are encountering this kind of problem and this kind of guide will serve as a reminder to each and everyone of us who are using Facebook.

  2. Liane Markus says:

    I hope every Facebook user out there will be able to see this so that they can be aware of the things which they need to avoid if in case they will be receiving this kind of message.