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Don’t Fall For ‘FW:Check The Attachment You Have To React Somehow To This Picture’ Email

Scammy Email comes in many forms and today a message urging you to “react somehow to this picture” included in an attachment is the latest attempt to trick you into downloading malicious code on your computer system.

The subject line reads ‘FW:Check The Attachment You Have To React Somehow To This Picture’ and purports to be sent from Johnie Contreras using an Email address of [email protected].

Is It Really You?

The message reads:

Hello ,

But I really need to ask you - is it you at this picture in attachment? I can’t tell you where I got this picture it doesn’t actually matter… The question is is it really you???.

If you get this Email be sure not to click on the attached .zip file to avoid computer complications that could arise from it. In fact, delete this message from your system immediately and don’t fall for the senders request to “react somehow”, otherwise what you’ll be reacting to is an infected computer.

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  1. Liane Markus says:

    Thank you for this another update and warning that you have stated and showed to us. With this, I will now be aware if in case I will be seeing this message on my desktop. Thanks once again.