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Recovered Laptop Leads To Illegal Assault Rifle In Los Angeles

A stolen laptop computer equipped with tracking software helped Los Angeles Sheriff deputies arrest a man that had the laptop - and several other stolen items - in his home.

Laptop Tracking Software Leads To Arrest

Laptop Tracking Software Leads To Arrest

LA deputies attained a search warrant after tracking key strokes on the victim’s laptop computer using LoJack For Laptop Software. The program was installed on the laptop before the device was reported stolen from a residence in May, 2011. While executing a search of the man’s home, they found a legally banned, unregistered assault rifle, stolen iPhones, loaded rifle magazines and a .32 revolver with the serial number scratched off.

The 57 year old Altadena, California suspect was arrested at his home at the time of the search conducted last month. He has since posted $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in March.

Stories like this affirm just how important it is to protect your mobile devices such as laptop computers from being used or resold by thieves. By maintaining control of your device, even if you don’t have physical possession of it, you’re in a much better position to recover it later. Tracking software isn’t just helpful for you, it’s also helpful for police officers when it comes time to locate and recover your device.

IT managers that are in charge of maintaining fleets of laptop computers are well served to implement laptop software security controls that allow them to remotely lock down devices in the case that they’re ever lost or stolen. By locking down the device, they can prevent unauthorized persons from using the computer and accessing sensitive files and data stored on it. Additionally, these measures can help lower insurance rates by providing another level of security on their business computer network.

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