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I Want To Create My Own Website But I Don’t Know How - Can You Help?

So you’ve decided that you want to create your own website, but you’re not sure of what you’ll need to do to build a site affordably and professionally.

Become A Professional Website Designer

Become A Professional Website Designer

In days past, you might have considered hiring an expensive web designer or let a trusted friend do this work for you, but with Web Presence Builder software you can take control of your own domain and build a great site in just a few hours. This means that deploying your site isn’t a hassle and doesn’t take weeks or months to do… and it doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, either.

What Can I Add To My Website That Will Make It Better?

Unlike a lot of of other website builder programs available today, Web Presence Builder comes equipped with tons of great features to build a website that really stands out.

Drag and drop modules allow you to quickly add Image Galleries, Social Sharing buttons, advertising space, contact forms that work, search buttons, blogs, commenting, embed videos or add scripts to your website in just a matter of moments - not hours or days. If you need to add, delete or modify web pages you can do so ‘live time’ and see how your changes look instantly after publishing your site.

What Type Of Website Can I Build?

Since this software was designed with business in mind, you can create websites for retail businesses, entertainment and leisure, organizations, construction and housing businesses, health and sports, arts and design services, education services, fan and hobby sites. It can also be used  for personal reasons like making wedding announcements, birth announcements or to post on your resume or CV online.

It’s perfect for small business people that want to have a really nice website design for their consulting business, car repair business, accounting firm, their taxi or limo service, their restaurant or diner, travel agency, their charity, their political party, their convention or trade show or other professional industry.

I Already Have a Facebook Page - Why Do I Need A Website?

That’s a good question and the answer is that simply having a Facebook Fan Page isn’t enough. Savvy business owners know that potential clients still rely on their websites to provide basic information about their hours, their product and service offerings, contact and other pertinent information about your business. Another perk of Web Presence Builder is that if you DON’T have a Facebook Fan Page, you can publish one with just a few clicks making your online web presence that much stronger. This is included for no extra charge.

If I Have Questions Is There Help Available?

This software solution is very intuitive to use, but if you happen to need help it’s always available to you in many forms. You can find and search help documentation in the software program or you can reach out via Live Chat, Email and by phone if you need to. We’re always happy to help!

Can I Get Started Today?

Yes, you can. If you want to dive right in and start developing your own website, all you need is your domain name and an active account on our system. Once you have a domain name and an active account, you can access the software and start building your dream website on any computer that has internet access. Since this is a cloud based website builder solution, you don’t need to download software programs to your hard drive or buy any books on how to use it.

Please visit Web Presence Builder to check out our hosting plans and make your move towards website excellence today!

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