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The Future Of Web Design Is Heading Towards The Cloud

Yahoo Home Page In 1999

Yahoo Home Page In 1999

Back in the day, being a web designer was something that required substantial knowledge about web design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or NetObjects Fusion, but with the introduction of Software as a Service - commonly referred to as SaaS - the future of web design is making a major move towards cloud infrastructure.

Back when the Internet was fresh and new, everything looked a lot different than it does today. In fact, if you check out the Screen capture of Yahoo.com back in 1999 you’ll see that it actually served as a Web Directory - not the Web Portal it is today. Yahoo’s rival, Google was still a ‘beta’ site that was in the early stages of development and hadn’t yet gone public.

Google Beta Served The Internet

Google Beta Served The Internet

While neither Yahoo or Google were created using web design software like Dreamweaver, it gives you a good idea of how much things have changed. Nowadays, Google often features “Doodles” or Interactive images on their web page to encourage visitors to engage with their website and Yahoo! is nothing like the directory that it once was.

As you can see, even these leading websites had to upgrade their look and feel to provide a better user experience as the years progressed.

While your business or company might not be as large as the two example sites that I’ve provided, it’s proof that the future of web design is always moving forward and factors such as site speed and clean HTML code are more important than ever.

This is where a cloud based web design program can help you step your your game up without having to spend a small fortune to do so.

Because this type of software is constantly being updated and upgraded by a team of developers, you have access to new added features without having to pay extra for them. This includes functionality such as creating a Facebook Fan page (some agencies charge upwards of $499.00 for this ‘service’)  social sharing tools, a store widget, a fully functional image gallery that’s compatible with Picasa, the ability to embed video, add images, the ability to offer DISQUS commenting or publish a blog.

Since it’s a SaaS based solution, it requires no software download so you can save space on your hard drive and make modifications to your website from anywhere that has Internet access. This means that if you’re away on business in Atlanta, Georgia you don’t have to wait until you fly home to San Francisco to announce your latest contract or business deal at your website if you have your laptop computer with you. How convenient is that?

If you’ve been thinking about making changes to your existing website, there’s really no better time than the present to upgrade your website to a SaaS based solution and we can help! Please visit Web Presence Builder to learn more about our packages and get started today!

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